DailyDirt: Lobsters — Sea Food Different

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Lobsters have an interesting culinary history. While these invertebrates are now generally considered an expensive meal for special occasions, they were once so plentiful in the northeastern US that they were a cheap food fed to prisoners — and subsequently considered “cruel and unusual punishment” to be served as a daily meal. (Perhaps they just didn’t have much melted butter in the 1800s…) But lobsters have re-gained their status as a luxury food item, and here are just a few interesting stories about these critters.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Lobsters — Sea Food Different”

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Paul Renault (profile) says:

Actually, around here they used to be used...

..as fertilizer, as well. Well, maybe not the meat, but the leftovers from the carcasses.

Older lobsters still taste good. The best time to cook ’em is when they’re all mottled and varigated, and with a hard, hard shell. Just before they’re going to molt.

Then you get what we call a ‘full’ lobster, with lots of flavour and lots of meat. Getting the meat out is a matter of technique, lotsa practice. And twelve years of judo – developping your kumi kata.

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