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19:39 Des Moines Residents Will Shell Out $125,000 To Man Whose Phone Was Illegally Seized By Cops He Was Recording (11)
15:57 Yes, Digital Books Do Wear Out; Stop Accepting Publishers Claims That They Don't (29)
13:54 Google Strikes $9.4 Million Settlement With FTC For Paying DJs And Influencers To Praise Phones They Never Touched (7)
12:25 Multiple Former Twitter Employees Note That Musk's New Favorite Tool, Polls, Are Easily Gamed By Bots (124)
10:49 Report: Lied About Pretty Much Everything While Providing Identification Services To The Government (5)
10:44 Daily Deal: NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 (1)
09:29 UK Removes Most Censorial Aspect Of Online Safety Bill, But It's Still Terrible For Speech & Privacy (10)
06:37 South Dakota Bans Government Employees From Using TikTok. The Countless Other Apps And Services That Hoover Up And Sell Sensitive Data Are Fine, Though (19)
20:01 Ubisoft Runs Away From Epic Store And Back To Steam (29)
15:38 Video Game Addiction Is Over, Says Chinese Video Game Addiction Regulator (9)
13:38 Published Author Decries Feds Seizing Online Site Full Of Unauthorized Digital Books (48)
12:07 Congress Trying To Sneak Through Internet Link Tax To Funnel Cash To Private Equity Firms That Are Destroying Local Journalism (20)
10:49 Elon Musk Continues Along The Content Moderation Learning Curve, But Doesn't Seem To Be Learning A Damn Thing (41)
10:44 Daily Deal: 10.1" Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame with Photo/Video Sharing (1)
09:31 Court Again Tells Cops That A Councilwoman Referring To Them As Murderers Isn't Defamation (2)
05:59 Comcast's Bullshit 'Broadcast TV Fee' Surges To $27 A Month (22)
20:26 'Deus Ex Go' To Be Completely Disappeared With Studio Shutdown (16)
15:35 EFF Asks Court To Rein In Orange County, CA's DNA Dragnet (3)
13:38 Comcast Derails Promising Community Broadband Projects In Washington State (3)
12:10 Ninth Circuit Tells Disgruntled YouTube Users The Government Didn't Get Their Accounts Suspended (24)
10:52 As US, UK Embrace 'Age Verify Everyone!' French Data Protection Agency Says Age Verification Is Unreliable And Violates Privacy Rights (26)
09:33 FBI Director Gets Back On His Anti-Encryption Bullshit In Statement To Homeland Security Committee (7)
05:27 Yet Another Study Shows U.S. Broadband Users Are Being Ripped Off By Local Monopolies (8)
20:44 California Court Denies Facial Recognition Pariah Clearview's Anti-SLAPP Motion Over Its Web Scraping Activities (6)
15:41 If Twitter Goes Down In Flames, What Happens To Its Huge And Historically Important Collection Of Tweets? (108)
13:36 Canada Steals Cultural Works From The Public By Extending Copyright Terms (175)
12:02 Wherein The Copia Institute Tells The Supreme Court The Florida Social Media Law Is An Unconstitutional Mess That Needs Its Review (1)
10:42 Ohio Cops Decide First Amendment Doesn't Exist, Arrest Newspaper Editor For Committing Journalism (23)
10:37 Daily Deal: OMNIA Q5 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station (0)
09:25 Musk Does Have Some Good Ideas: Encrypting DMs Would Be Huge, But... (20)
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