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12:04 Oversight Board Tells Facebook It Needs To Shape Up And Be More Careful About Silencing Minorities Seeking To Criticize The Powerful (12)
11:08 The Washington Post Thought It Might Be Nice To Provide Free Book Marketing To Insurrectionist Josh Hawley (30)
10:59 Daily Deal: Mini Wipebook Scan (2-Pack) (0)
09:32 Salesforce Asks Appeals Court To Say It's Protected Under 230; After Its Own CEO Said We Should Get Rid Of 230 (17)
05:28 Verizon's UltraFast 5G Can Only Be Accessed 0.8% Of The Time (3)


19:58 Riot Shuts Down LoL Fan Server After Getting All Wiseguy With Its Developers (6)
15:41 Fifth Circuit Strips Immunity From Cops Who Ended A Mental Health Crisis By Restraining A Man To Death (19)
13:39 Only 14% Of Americans Think Communities Shouldn't Be Allowed To Build Their Own Broadband Networks (16)
12:06 Rep. Lauren Boebert Decides To Streisand Parody Site Making Fun Of Her, Threatens To Take Legal Action Against It (51)
10:47 What3Words Sends Ridiculous Legal Threat To Security Researcher Over Open Source Alternative (22)
10:42 Daily Deal: The CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle (0)
09:30 Hollywood Lobbyists So Afraid Of Any Public Benefit From 'Intellectual Property' That They're Trying To Block COVID Vaccine Sharing (33)
06:12 Roku Users Lose Access To YouTube TV As Dumb Contract Fights Shift From Cable TV To Streaming (25)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (4)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: April 25th - May 1st (0)


19:39 Anatomy Of A Bogus DMCA Scam Run By A Plagiarizing Website (20)
15:40 Content Moderation Case Study: Craigslist Implements Phone Verification To Fight Spam; Spammers Fight Back (2008) (1)
13:28 Biden Administration Poised To Give Comcast Lobbyist Canadian Ambassador Spot (4)
12:11 Canadian Government Wants To Regulate Social Media Like Broadcast (17)
10:45 Disney Got Itself A 'If You Own A Themepark...' Carveout From Florida's Blatantly Unconstitutional Social Media Moderation Bill (79)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete 2021 Microsoft, Windows, And Azure Bundle (0)
09:36 Boris Johnson's Phone Number Leaks: Turns Out He Uses End-To-End Encryption... While Trying To Ban It For Everyone Else (11)
06:16 Verizon's Media Failure Is Complete As Company Eyes AOL/Yahoo Sale (23)


20:12 The EPIC Effect: Microsoft Changes Revenue Split To Match EPIC Store, Steam Holds Firm (32)
13:37 Basecamp Bans Politics, An Act That Itself Is Political (75)
12:19 It Took Four Months And Thousands Of Dollars To Overturn One Manifestly Stupid Upload Block: Imagine How Bad It Will Soon Be With EU Copyright Directive's Blanket Use Of Filters (28)
10:44 US Postal Service Is Surveilling Social Media Services Because It Apparently Has Plenty Of Time And Money To Waste (21)
10:39 Daily Deal: HyperGear Quake Wireless Speaker with Built-in Power Bank (0)
09:31 Joe Biden Yells A Dumb Anti-Free Speech Trope In An Uncrowded Congress (58)
05:13 Thanks To Crappy Cable Channel Bundles, Non-Watchers Hugely Subsidize Tucker Carlson And Fox News (47)
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