First One Down: Rep. Lee Terry Removes His Name As A SOPA Co-Sponsor

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We were wondering when our elected officials would start realizing just how toxic SOPA and PIPA have become. It appears it's happening today, along with the online protests. Rep. Lee Terry, from Nebraska -- who just last week expressed some concerns about the bill at CES, but still appeared committed to it -- has announced that he's removing his name as a co-sponsor of the bill, becoming the first US Representative to do so. Over in the Senate, Senator Jerry Moran did so way back in June -- and has since become a leading voice against PIPA. Terry's spokesperson claimed that after listening to some of the complaints, he realized that the bill just has too many problems, and could cause more harm than good -- especially for the open internet. Good for him. Now... who's next?

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  1. identicon
    AJBarnes, 18 Jan 2012 @ 5:25am

    One for the road

    People who USE the internet spoke up and let light shine on what this bill would do. The RIAA and MPAA are pissed because all that money they spent buying politicians is now in jeopardy (as well as the politicians jobs). This is a blatant attempt to prop up a failed business model in an industry that has fought innovation and change (and will do so until their dying breath).

    If you're so concerned about the 'billions' of dollars lost, why not also shill for the auto industry. Do you know how many billions of dollars they lost because people steal cars? There's a study out there by the auto industry showing that for every car stolen, a sale is lost. This alone has forced most American auto makers out of business and invited in foreign competition (gasp--used the 'c' word) that now dominates the markets.

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