What We're Doing On This PIPA/SOPA Day Of Protest: Keeping You Involved

from the to-black-out-or-not-to-black-out dept

As more and more sites announced plans to black out their sites today in protest of Congress considering both PIPA and SOPA, a few people asked us if we would take part in the blackout as well. We definitely thought about it, but decided that was not the best use of this site. The key point behind the blackouts for most sites is to alert their users just how bad these legislative proposals are. For that purpose, Techdirt wouldn’t gain very much, if anything, in going dark. If you’ve been reading this site at all over the past few months to a year (year plus, going back to the original COICA bill), you’d already be well aware of why these efforts are tremendously dangerous. Furthermore, we believed that we’d be able to provide even more value in covering what happens today, as these protests roll out. The fact that a couple of pro-SOPA lobbyists joked that they hoped we’d go dark (with one even asking “how much” it would take to get us to stop talking about this issue for the day), gave us even more reasons to keep publishing.

Obviously, however, we support the actions lots of other sites have taken in response to this ridiculous attempt to regulate the internet, based on fairy tales and no actual evidence from the legacy content businesses. The sites that have decided to go with a full blackout deserve the utmost respect for taking a true stand on the matter. Similarly, some other sites are adding their voice to the protest in different ways — whether it’s highlighting problems with the bills or pushing people to call Congress.

That last point seemed like a good idea to us, so with each post today, we’ll also be posting a widget that will allow you to call your Senators’ office, and express your displeasure with PIPA. We’ve also “grayed out” much of the site, and have a specific link at the top to StopTheWall.us, where you can find out more. I will actually be doing a bunch of meetings with Senate staffers later today, and I hope (and fully expect) to hear phones ringing off the hook while I’m there.

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Comments on “What We're Doing On This PIPA/SOPA Day Of Protest: Keeping You Involved”

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Just John (profile) says:

My plan of attack

Currently, I have been focusing on ICE, asking them what their mandate is, why they are participating in actions outside of their mandate, and making a general nuisance on their facebook page.

I have also been stopping by a few places here and there, like Youtube, the wiki comments, and others, and disproving the shills by posting relevant links to disproved and debunked information sources, including back to Techdirt.

Even posting information on my facebook telling all of my friends that, even though most are not American, they need to pay attention and try to get heard because it will effect them.

Just John (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Well, when they asked me to sign the Google petition, they just asked for my name and zip code, no other information.

Just go to the Google home page link, and enter your name and find a zip code.

You can also call your government to try to get the other governments to push back. You can call the US embassy in your country to let them know how you feel.

Just some ideas from me. If others have ideas, feel free to chime in.

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

I’ve done the best thing I can, installing a WordPress plugin on my blog to automatically display a page today, urging Americans to do what they can. I also updated my Facebook and Twitter statuses to do the same for Americans I’m in contact with.

The best thing you can do is to do what little you can to aid what these websites are doing today – urge anyone with the power to affect this to do so.

Just John (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

I have thought of that too, and to be completely honest, I assume Google may have thought about that and may actually do an IP filtering.

The strange part is, keep in mind, I am an American, registered to vote in Arizona, and entered my legal name and zip code, but if they enact an IP filtering mechanism, then I will probably be blocked as a foreign national faking a petition signing, so it would be moot for me as an American. Who knows if they do this or they process on faith that the person is an American citizen.

But, either way, we also know that online petitions are not taken seriously by congress, but if there is a large enough number, it may give them pause, so not sure if it helps or hurts honestly.

Cardman says:

Blackout Started

I am glad they made this page. I hope people will keep it clear for people to say what they are doing today against SOPA and PIPA.

As I said recently my UK Trader website http://www.cardman.com is now blacked out. Only a quickly made page to slap together whatever anti-censorship photos I found. Take a look if you want but the only other page still online is my 404 error page which is sure needed today and is a fun one.

Cardman says:

Re: Re: Blackout Started

A critic then. I am happy enough with my total blackout site and it will only be down for less than a day.

Take a look at Rock, Paper, Shutgun. Replace my used photos with their video and not much different…

I am not surprised that people do not come up with very beautiful webpages when it has been quite an rush. It looks good enough and it makes the point.

Anonymous Coward says:

After visiting Wikipedia i found their app thet gives the names and phone numbers for my state reps very helpful. I entered my zip code and was able to call the Washington offices to tell them I was against sopa/pipa.

I was able to get through without a issue. Everyone who hasn’t called should call.

Also, after speaking with them I get the feeling the phones are very busy today with like minded people.

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