First One Down: Rep. Lee Terry Removes His Name As A SOPA Co-Sponsor

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We were wondering when our elected officials would start realizing just how toxic SOPA and PIPA have become. It appears it’s happening today, along with the online protests. Rep. Lee Terry, from Nebraska — who just last week expressed some concerns about the bill at CES, but still appeared committed to it — has announced that he’s removing his name as a co-sponsor of the bill, becoming the first US Representative to do so. Over in the Senate, Senator Jerry Moran did so way back in June — and has since become a leading voice against PIPA. Terry’s spokesperson claimed that after listening to some of the complaints, he realized that the bill just has too many problems, and could cause more harm than good — especially for the open internet. Good for him. Now… who’s next?

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Comments on “First One Down: Rep. Lee Terry Removes His Name As A SOPA Co-Sponsor”

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anonymous says:

removing his name atm is one thing, not putting it back later (ever!), is another, particularly if he gets voted back into office. much like the arstechnica post yesterday from the MPAA which says that dns blocking is ‘off the table now’ but could be put back any time. in other words, temporarily remove the bits that will prevent the bill from being passed, then, once it is law, bring back those bits without anyone knowing.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

This is where the inherent dishonesty of the RIAA/MPAA and their pets politicians shine through. They say that DNS blokcing is “off the table” and most people take that to mean that it has been removed from the bill, which is not the case.

By “off the table” what they mean is the provisions are still actually in the bill, but there implementation have been delayed from taking effect immediately to being implemented at a “later date” (and by later date they mean as soon as they can get them turned on).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

How much are you going to pay the manufacturing industry for the money lost in labor trying to figure out why we can’t talk to a customer or vendor?

Why are you so scared of just using the tools in place already for copyright infringement issues? Those tools already exist, why don’t you do your job and use it?

Donnicton says:

The media bias against Wikipedia protesting is fascinatingly palpable.

CNN has been the only somewhat decently objective source so far – the content-owned slave/joke groups such as Fox/MSNBC stop just short at overtly blaming Wikipedia for panicking over nothing, and spend more time discussing the ways to get around it than the reasons they’re protesting the bill.

AJBarnes says:

One for the road

People who USE the internet spoke up and let light shine on what this bill would do. The RIAA and MPAA are pissed because all that money they spent buying politicians is now in jeopardy (as well as the politicians jobs). This is a blatant attempt to prop up a failed business model in an industry that has fought innovation and change (and will do so until their dying breath).

If you’re so concerned about the ‘billions’ of dollars lost, why not also shill for the auto industry. Do you know how many billions of dollars they lost because people steal cars? There’s a study out there by the auto industry showing that for every car stolen, a sale is lost. This alone has forced most American auto makers out of business and invited in foreign competition (gasp–used the ‘c’ word) that now dominates the markets.

Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

Re: One for the road

Do you know how many billions of dollars they lost because people steal cars? There’s a study out there by the auto industry showing that for every car stolen, a sale is lost.

This is a good point. Maybe the MPAA/RIAA should be offering its members some sort of insurance to allow them to recoup losses from theft. Their members could simply report albums/movies as stolen rather than issuing DMCA notices. Then the MPAA/RIAA could reimburse them at several thousand dollars per uploaded item. It should only take a few “recouped” losses to start un-fuzzying the -AA’s collective math.

Anonymous Coward says:

doesn’t look as if the rest are exactly falling over themselves to withdraw their sponsorship of SOPA/PIPA, does it? perhaps there are some bonus contributions being made?
and as stated above, the media are all but ignoring the web blackouts. all that’s being discussed is the ways to still use those particular sites. goes to show where the benefits of internet censorship will go, where the abuse of power is being used and by whom! it sure as hell isn’t by those that have gone dark!

Anonymous Coward says:

After visiting Wikipedia i found their app thet gives the names and phone numbers for my state reps very helpful. I entered my zip code and was able to call the Washington offices to tell them I was against sopa/pipa.

I was able to get through without a issue. Everyone who hasn’t called should call.

Also, after speaking with them I get the feeling the phones are very busy today with like minded people.

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