by Mike Masnick

This Is The World's Biggest Hacker?

from the doesn't-do-the-hacker-name-much-credit dept

Considering all the recent stories about how hackers have become more of a business than a bunch of script kiddies causing trouble, it seems like the guy the US has been describing as the world's biggest hacker falls more along the lines of the random malicious hacker -- rather than the professional business hacker. At least that's the image you get reading this story where he says (whether you believe him or not is another story...) that the damage he did was an accident, where he pressed the wrong button and thought: "oh bloody hell." Of course, even more amusing (not if you're the US government, I guess) is that he claims in poking around NASA's computers, he discovered evidence of a secret spaceship and robot fighters -- but he doesn't remember the details. Why not? "I was smoking a lot of dope at the time." Oh, right. This is "the world's biggest hacker?" If someone like that can break into what's supposed to be the most secure network in the world, then you'd better believe plenty of others can get in pretty easily as well. It sounds like he's just the "biggest" hacker they've been able to catch -- which isn't saying very much at all.

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