Air Taxis Getting Closer To Reasonable?

from the fly-me-somewhere dept

For years, we’ve been hearing stories about how “air taxis” were going to be the next big thing. Instead of taking a big commercial airliner, you’d be able to take a small private jet somewhere at a decent price. It would still be more expensive than your typical coach fair, but not the ridiculously high price that a typical charter flight would cost. The NY Times is now taking a look at the market and it sounds like that reality is getting closer — in large part due to newer technologies that allow for much more sophisticated and efficient pricing and scheduling. Of course, that still follows the traditional role of a chartered plane and pilot and crew. Should some of the various companies working on gyroplanes that turn into road-legal cars ever get anywhere with their product (which might be a long way away), they could certainly challenge some of these air taxi offerings from the low end.

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