by Mike Masnick

Is Compulsory Licensing A Good Idea?

from the probably-not dept

With so many people focused on compulsory licensing as a potential solution to the current troubles the music industry has in recognizing an opportunity when it slaps them across the face, it appears this week's Senate hearings will focus on whether or not compulsory licensing is a good idea. While it seems to have the support of the RIAA, it sounds like a dreadful idea (perhaps the one thing that I agree with the RIAA on). It's basically enforcing a tax to keep an industry afloat because they couldn't figure out how to innovate themselves.

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  • identicon
    alterntives, 29 Sep 2003 @ 7:36am

    I'm all for compulsary licensing

    And here's why:

    This text is copyright (me). And it's worth $25,000 when its put on a CD, DAT, DVD or any other kind of storage medium.

    Therefore, to protect my rights, I deserve my cut.

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