Italy Worries Over SMS Affairs

Over in Italy they’re getting so worried about SMS text messages giving away marital infidelity that one detective agency has even put out The Five Golden Rules Of How To Cheat By Mobile Phone. Divorce lawyers, however, are thrilled with “evidence by mobile phone” and would prefer that cheating spouses not follow the rules listed. Looking through the actual rules, they don’t seem like they’ll really do much to help. There’s the obvious: delete text messages from the non-spouse partner. Then there’s the silly: pretend phone calls are a wrong number or hang up pretending you simply couldn’t hear who the other person was. Of course, just imagine how problematic this will be when it’s combined with something like the newly launched service in the Philippines to report someone’s mistress by SMS. Spouses could simply forward on text messages from their partner’s mobile phone as evidence of infidelity.

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