Infomercials Go Online

from the order-now! dept

To be honest, it’s a bit surprising that no one has done this before. Realizing that adding an interactive element to “infomercials” (that is, the ability to buy) seems pretty obvious. So one company is now making deals with all sorts of infomercial providers to put all those infomercials online in a streaming format online. Now, those of you who simply can’t wait to order the latest overhyped exercise equipment or steak knives that can cut through steel and a tomato with equal ease, will no longer have to surf around on late night TV with a phone in hand. Think of the possibilities! How much would you pay for this opportunity? $100? $50? How about FREE?!? Just surf on over to their website and download (and buy!) away! Sorry. Got a little caught up in the infomercial theme. It does make me wonder, though, how many infomercial suckers buyers purposely search out the infomercials, and how many just see it as they’re channel surfing and get sucked in?

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