Techdirt Podcast Episode 320: Elon Musk Doesn’t Understand Twitter

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It’s no secret that Elon Musk’s statements about his plans for Twitter have been confused to say the least. It has become abundantly clear that he doesn’t know much at all about how a service like Twitter operates, especially when it comes to content moderation, and doesn’t seem to have much interest in learning. On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Renee DiResta from the Stanford Internet Observatory to discuss just how little Elon Musk understands the platform he’s supposedly planning to buy.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 320: Elon Musk Doesn’t Understand Twitter”

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JJ says:

Twitter in a hut shell

Twitter is:
1) full of bots
2) anti 1st amendment
3) anti 2nd amendment
4) anti republican
5) run by an elite few that suppress views they don’t agree with
6) ran into near oblivion by current management
7) dangerous social media platform

Hopefully Musk still buys and turns this sinking ship around. It won’t be easy because the crazy left will be coming after him hard despite the fact he is a democrat/libertarian. If not, stock will likely drop to $10 or less.

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