Announcing Techdirt’s March Madness: Get Your Bracket For The Most Misunderstood Legal Concept

from the tournament-time dept

The games have begun! Vote here!

It’s that time of year — March Madness — when tons of people have filled out brackets and are watching college basketball. Way back in 2020 I had jokingly suggested on Twitter that we should set up a bracket for the most frequently misunderstood legal concepts, and people seemed to really like the idea. Of course, then I got busy and did nothing with it… until now. Introducing the inaugural Techdirt March Madness to determine what is the most misunderstood legal concept.

If you want to fill out your own bracket, you can get the spreadsheet here — you just need to make a copy and save it your own Google drive, and then fill out your bracket, take a screenshot and share it on Twitter (and tag @techdirt).

Each day that this is running, we’ll be posting Twitter polls of the competing legal concepts to see which one is more misunderstood. The winner will advance to the next round, eventually crowning the most misunderstood legal concept for 2022.

A few notes on how this initial bracket came together. Back in 2020 when I suggested this idea (jokingly, I swear), people sent in lots and lots of suggestions. Initially it was just supposed to be misunderstood laws, but that was too limiting to get to a 64-entry bracket (or at least an interesting one), so I expanded it to legal concepts. That does mean that there are some overlapping concepts (e.g. “free speech” and “1st Amendment”), but I don’t much care. We’ll see how it goes.

As for the seeding, I loaded all these concepts into an AI system to see what it said and then ranked them accordingly… or, actually, I just kind of made up the seeding with a few obvious ones closer to the top and then a lot of just randomly throwing together ones in the middle. You can disagree with the seeding, and we’ll see how the eventual voting turns out.

That’s basically it. Fill out your brackets and tweet them at us in the next day or so, because we’ll start running the Twitter polls tomorrow morning…

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Comments on “Announcing Techdirt’s March Madness: Get Your Bracket For The Most Misunderstood Legal Concept”

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Navigator says:

room to improve

Folks… it’s 2022. Tournaments these days involve play-in games. You have sadly overlooked the importance of having
eminent domain,
adverse possession,
best evidence, and
civil forfeiture
compete for the final spots in the field.
I didn’t even list quasi in rem jurisdiction – they were on the bubble but ultimately they’re going to the Law NIT.

Tom says:

Re: 1st Amendment

The 1st also includes the Establishment Clause, providing freedom of and freedom from religion established by the state.

And the right to assemble/protest.

And the freedom of the press (arguably tied directly to free speech).

And the right to petition the state for a redress of grievances, which I’m not entirely sure of the application of myself.

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