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This week, our first place winner on the insightful side, our first place winner is MathFox with a response to Minnesota’s anti-algorithm social media bill:

No algorithm means:

  • no filtering against harassment,
  • no filtering against violent content,
  • no filtering of pornographic content and
  • no filter to keep child predators out

Are those Minnesota “representatives” so stupid as they claim to be for not seeing the consequences?

In second place, it’s UESJD, who says he was taught by the constitutional legal scholar who filed an embarrassingly confused amicus brief in Texas:

This surprises me not at all. Hamburger taught my 1L contracts class at CLS. It was, hands down, the weirdest and least educational class I’ve ever taken. We never discussed the UCC. He was obsessed with the statute of frauds. Much of the semester was taken up with a rambling hypothetical about an uncle who asks you to manage a vineyard. What this ever had to do with the course was never clear. At a certain point I started to wonder if he actually had a vineyard and was looking for free legal advice. It was a shitshow.

For editor’s choice on the insightful side, we start out with one more comment on the Minnesota bill, this time from an anonymous commenter:

Whoever wrote this bill must have never taken a CompSci 101 class nor even reached out to an actual computer scientist for input.

No matter how MN wants social media posts to be displayed, there will ALWAYS be an algorithm involved. Full Stop!

Next, it’s a comment from TheDumberHalf about the Jehovah’s Witnesses abusing the copyright subpoena process to unmask critics:

The word is out

Screaming ‘Copyright’ will bypass almost any legal restriction.

Over on the funny side, our first place winner is an anonymous comment about the UK’s bill that aims to criminalize dick pics:

They’re going to be flooded with complaints of people sending unsolicited pictures of Boris Johnson.

In second place, it’s kallethen with a response to one line in our post about California’s bill that would blame social media companies for kids liking their product:

“Please, California, don’t keep electing politicians who fall for moral panics.”

Sorry, Mike. That’s the Meta now.

I’ll see myself out.

For editor’s choice on the funny side, we start out with a comment from RyunosukeKusanagi, who did the work of tackling the insane metaphor in David Mamet’s Texas amicus brief:

okay let’s break down this fucking word salad.

1) Even a Cessna 172 (the single engine, 4 seat Cessnas), is 140-185 (give or take) mph, so if said plane is only doing 100mph, they are not flying, they are stalling, or more accurately, falling.

2) Grabbing the wrong map for where you are flying is grounds for … well.. being grounded… by the FAA, ie. Content Moderation, Keeping people who fuck up royally from participating is said activities.

An air chart is NOT like a Rand McNally road atlas. There are a LOT MORE information on them, including Fly Zones, Flight restrictions (Think Military airbases and flight restrictions around LAX for example)

3) If you ARE lost, THAT’S WHAT ATC IS FOR! There are people on the ground CONTROLLING THE FUCKING AIR SPACE!

This amicus brief… makes less sense than the plot of Highlander 2.

Finally, it’s Toom1275 with another comment about the Jehovah’s Witnesses abusing copyright:

Christ: “What an asshole.”

That’s all for this week, folks!

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Bobvious says:

Vineyard Management Contracts Class 101

Your uncle, who’s a former congressman from California, but has a family vineyard in Virginia, is suing a cow for breaking through the fences and eating lots of the grapes, not because of the destruction of private property but because the cow’s actions make people think of the Grapes of Wrath, and how if people had just cleaned the dust out of the bowl there would have been a decent container to put the grapes in and not commit a fraud upon the statues in the nearby graveyard, which is filled with dead lawsuits. Now, your uncle has hired some workers to fix the fences, but because he’s a cheapskate and won’t pay properly for the right materials, the workers are forced to use materials from the farm gates. It’s never really clear who’s funding the lawsuits against the cow, but your uncle is starting to become more and more involved in the re-election campaign of some guy who’s been bankrupt at least 15 times but seems to know a thing about horses because he describes himself as a stable genius. It might be possible to get some of the undocumented workers on the vineyard to ride those horses and chase out the cow but they’re too busy collecting campaign funds so your uncle has been left to chase the cow on foot himself, and he’d like you to manage the vineyard, which is also being damaged by a greased pig that was released during the recent homecoming parade, and he’s getting grief from his mom.

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