Exec That Tried To Send Critical Reporters A Dead Pig Blames 'The Drinking Culture At eBay'

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Last year, you might recall how a group of eBay executives were arrested for a truly bizarre (an understatement) stalking and harassment campaign aimed at critical reporters. Angry at the critical coverage of eBay by a small news site (Ecommercebytes.com, published by David and Ina Steiner), a team of six eBay executives and employees engaged in a year long campaign of terror against the couple that included death threats, spying on them, and even sending them everything from dead cockroaches and a bloody pig mask. The crew even tried to send the reporters a dead pig, though it never managed to ship.

These weren’t really low-level employees, either. They included eBay?s senior manager of global intelligence, a manager of eBay’s global intelligence center (GIC), a contractor who worked as an intelligence analyst within the GIC, and a senior manager of special operations for eBay?s global security team –and a former cop. And all of them lost their jobs for their decision to engage in this bizarre campaign of terror against what’s really just a fairly ordinary and polite industry trade outlet run by a couple of genuinely decent people.

This week saw the manager of eBay’s global security team Philip Cooke plead guilty to the charges in court. At his sentencing hearing, Cooke insisted that it was eBay’s “drinking culture” that was apparently responsible for his atrocious judgement:

“A former eBay security official who pleaded guilty for his role in a cyberstalking conspiracy has asked for leniency in sentencing while blaming his actions in part on a “drinking culture” at eBay that contributed to his alcoholism.

“eBay had a bar on campus that opened at 3:00 p.m., and drinking was part of the culture, with alcohol present throughout the office space where it was typical to take morning shots of alcohol with co-workers,” a sentencing memorandum for 56-year-old defendant Philip Cooke said yesterday. It was filed in US District Court for the District of Massachusetts.”

It’s pretty hard to blame gin and tonics for a campaign that required this much focus, attention, and detail. The real and obvious problem was the corporate rot that infected eBay’s overall corporate culture (and still may). Cooke was ultimately promoted by eBay to director of security operations and given a raise to $205,000 in June 2020 — ten months after the campaign began — before ultimately losing his job once allegations came to light a few months later. If the story had never gone public, there’s a not insubstantial chance he’d still be working at eBay.

Last week, the Steiners filed an unsurprising lawsuit (pdf) against the executives. But that lawsuit also included former eBay CEO Devin Wenig and eBay Chief Communications Officer Steven Wymer, who were not originally charged by the DOJ. The lawsuit accuses both of sanctioning the behavior from the highest levels of eBay leadership. According to the complaint, the two executives:

“provided the other Defendants with carte blanche authority to terminate the reporting of the Steiners by whatever means necessary, with Defendant Wymer expressing “… I want to see ashes. As long as it takes. Whatever it takes.” Defendant Wymer promised the defendants he would “embrace managing any bad fallout” if the plan went south, further directing, “We need to STOP her.” All of the horrific, vicious and sickening conduct that followed was committed by employees of eBay and PFC, while acting in the scope of their employment under the authority of and for the benefit of eBay and PFC.”

Again it’s astonishing the lengths these guys went to in order to harass a fairly small and relatively polite blog. There is some incredible culture rot needed for an effort like this to materialize and persist for so long. If this is how they felt about a fairly innocuous trade blog, you can only imagine their disdain for bigger outlets that do more serious investigative reporting. The idea that this was just a strange one off caused by just a few errant, sauced executives still seems a little hard to believe.

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Comments on “Exec That Tried To Send Critical Reporters A Dead Pig Blames 'The Drinking Culture At eBay'”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Drinking culture???

Blaming unforgivable behaviour on a "drinking culture" strikes be as being rather similar to blaming a homicide on a culture of careless gun use.

It might be true, but so what? The culture is almost as big a problem as the crime and a responsible person would have tried to fix it or left.

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Mononymous Tim (profile) says:

Re: smartphone

Wow, you even went through the trouble of registering when you could have just spammed us completely "anonymously" (privacy sanitized, I promise!!). You’re not a very efficient spammer.

Amazing article. Thanks for sharing.

Again, back to efficiency. Do you really think that helps you?

Just trying to save you some time, Spanky. 😉

Trails (profile) says:

What did the Steiners write?

So, I’m just curious what the Steiners actually wrote that provoked this.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting it’s their fault or they deserved this, I would just love to see what must be the most brilliant pieces of biting sarcasm ever produced.

Ebay’s behaviour in this, as an org, is fucking disgusting and their claims of "this isn’t our corporate culture" ring pretty flat given the sanctioning of this on record.

That One Guy (profile) says:

'The dev- I mean booze made me do it'

"A former eBay security official who pleaded guilty for his role in a cyberstalking conspiracy has asked for leniency in sentencing while blaming his actions in part on a "drinking culture" at eBay that contributed to his alcoholism.

That’s fair, I mean everyone knows that drunk people routinely harass, stalk and send death threats and dead animals through the mail to people they don’t’ like, that’s why the mail system is basically nothing but animal corpses in boxes at this point, so many drunk people who simply cannot help themselves.

Not only a horrible person but a bloody coward who refuses to accept personal responsibility, truly a charming individual all around.

Joanna M says:

What set off the eBay execs

I am a regular reader of the newsletter in question, and have followed this case since it went public.

It is explained in the original federal criminal indictment:


P. 11 has one instance. I believe that executive 1 is Wenig.

There was lots of coverage at the time:


“According to the Wall Street Journal article, one senior executive texted in April 2019, “We are going to crush this lady” to an individual identified only as “Executive 1.” The text message included a link to an EcommerceBytes article titled “eBay CEO Devin Wenig Earns 152 Times That of Employees.” On May 10, according to the Journal article, Wenig texted, “Take her down.””



The Steiners allege in the new (civil) complaint that their ability to make a living with the newsletter has been impacted, because everyone thinks they must’ve been very very critical of eBay. (Even the beginning of this techdirt article says they were critical.) They were just being accurate, as you would expect from normal journalists.

Zaqwe says:

Longtime low-level eBay employee perspective

eBay has been providing my health insurance for 18 years now. And the subjects of this article are multiple ranks above anyone I’ve ever interacted with. So feel free to dismiss the following as self-interest, ignorance, or both.

But the eBay corporate culture, at least as far as I’ve experienced it in the Salt Lake City office, is far healthier than anywhere else I’ve worked. It supports the front-line workers like the company assets we are and I have never had a jerk put in a supervisory position over me. And the only "culture of drinking" I’m aware of is free soda and juice in the vending machines.

Again, I can’t speak to what goes on in the executive suites. But if the kind of sociopathy these clowns demonstrated infected the company as much as the writer suspects, I have to imagine it would manifest itself in exploitative customer-facing policies. And I truly don’t feel we have any. (Yes, we charge a lot. But the fees are easy to find on our web site. If you think we’re worth it, pay them. If you don’t, don’t.) At least, I’ve never felt the need to apologize for who I work for. And I’m very sensitive. 🙂

The writer also neglects to mention the government’s praise of the company’s full and free cooperation in nailing these jerks. I dunno… seems relevant to me.

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