IBM Policy Lab's Newsletter Is A Must Read For Tech Policy

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This is a sponsored post. For everyone who subscribes to the free IBM Tech Policy Lab email newsletter via our link, Techdirt receives a small commission. We would not offer this if we didn’t actually believe in the value of the newsletter itself, but this is very much sponsored content.

If you’re a reader of Techdirt, then you’re probably deeply interested in tech policy issues. Questions around tech policy have become more and more central over the last few years. Unfortunately, much of the discussion around tech policy is (to put it mildly) not particularly well informed. Last year, IBM launched its IBM Policy Lab as an attempt to build a place to bring together smart thinkers regarding tech and policy — and to take a long term view on what is the best policy for innovation going forward. There are some really great people behind the project.

The IBM Policy Lab includes various policy papers, live events, and discussions on important tech policy issues, and the best way to keep up with what they’re talking about is to subscribe to the newsletter. We may not always agree with the recommendations that come out of the IBM Policy Lab, but it has become a good place to really explore some key issues regarding technology and policy in a forward-looking manner.

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