What's Australian For Streisand Effect? Perhaps It's Fatty McFuckhead

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We’ve covered a few times just how strange Australian defamation law can be, so I wouldn’t even take a guess at how the courts might come down on the question of whether or not calling billionaire Clive Palmer “Fatty McFuckhead” is defamatory. However, I will note that if Palmer didn’t want people to start associating himself with the name Fatty McFuckhead, he might have thought twice about threatening to sue someone over that moniker.

As detailed in this fairly amusing video, a popular YouTuber named Jordan Shanks, but better known as Friendly Jordies, has been making a bit of fun of the billionaire, and that apparently is something that Palmer just won’t stand for. Shanks goes through the legal threat letter in detail in the 26 minute video:

The video is… pretty incredible. Shanks goes through in quite a lot of detail responding to the threat letter, and laying out why he thinks Palmer deserves basically everything that Shanks said about him, and also “corrects the record” on one point, where he argues the letter alerted him that his original statements about Palmer might not have gone far enough.

We’ve seen this story play out so many times now. Someone super wealthy sends off a defamation threat letter to someone they know doesn’t have much money, likely hoping to intimidate them into stopping being so mean to them. And, perhaps that works in some cases. But in so many cases it just leaves lots and lots of people curious as to why Clive Palmer doesn’t want to be called Fatty McFuckhead.

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Comments on “What's Australian For Streisand Effect? Perhaps It's Fatty McFuckhead”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

I think the assumption is that after a certain point, it’s physically impossible for a human to be deserving of that much wealth.
Work hard? Sure, you deserve a good life.
Work really hard? Maybe super clever, or invent something fancy? Alright, have a little more for your troubles.
But a billionaire is another order beyond that. The only way to get there is by taking more than your fair share, more than you need, more than you could possibly need, and certainly more than you could possibly earn.
Ergo, anyone who’s gotten there…

bhull242 (profile) says:

A Proposal

I hereby propose that, much like how “ass” is considered perfectly acceptable and inoffensive when used to refer to a donkey, the term “fuck” is not considered a swear word when used to refer to Clive Palmer as “Fatty McFuckhead.”

Furthermore, one may refer to a person as a “Clive Palmer” to be used as an insult to refer to someone as fat, thin-skinned, and a “fuckhead.”

nerdrage (profile) says:

I'm a PR Genius, Pay Me!

Dumshit, it’s so easy to defuse something like this. Just make yourself a t-shirt that says Fatty McFuckhead, make a bunch more for a bunch of strippers who wear them in a wet t-shirt contest and then film a YouTube video with you and the strippers dancing around like morons, maybe throw in some random passers-by, donkeys, etc. Then put it on YouTube. Now you’ve owned that nickname and defused it because who the hell is going to try to top that? But if they wanted to try, that’s just in your favor too. These corporate dickwads really need me to do their PR for them.

Anonymous Coward says:

I think I got the gist of this story.

Fatty McFuckhead wants to change his name to Clive Palmer, and wants people to stop calling him by the name his momma gave him, "Fatty McFuckhead" ?

You’d think Fatty would be fine with his birth name, and he’d carry on the tradition of being a total McFuckhead with pride (and possibly a bacon sandwich in each hand).

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