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This week, our top comment comes in response to Charter’s claims that a lawsuit over its terrible broadband is just the result of an evil tech conspiracy. One anonymous commenter suggested that maybe they aren’t so crazy:

I pretty sure there is a Google/Netflix cabal that is against Charter communications. Unfortunately for them the cabal is their customers who would like use Google and Netflix.

In second place, we have an anonymous suggestion for how to deal with the problem of invasive drug searches that go nowhere:

This should have been very easy for the court to get right:

Did the medical personnel enter into the record a warrant, secured by Customs and Border Patrol, directing them to perform these procedures? If yes, medical personnel are immune and the suit goes after CBP because they were “just following orders.” If no, medical personnel are liable.

  • Simple.
  • Motivates medical personnel to demand a warrant before performing procedure
  • Creates naturally public paper trail

For editor’s choice on the insightful side, we start out with a response from Toom1275 to the WIPO blocking the Pirate Party while inviting a group whose website said it existed to battle space lizards:

Well space lizards aren’t that much more fictional than IP maximalism’s ability to protect creativity.

If you believe one is real, it isn’t that much further of a leap to then accept the other.

Next, we’ve got an anonymous comment that repurposes an anti-terrorist mantra in response to the government’s prosecution of protesters:

They hate us for our freedoms

Over on the funny side, our first place winner is David with a response to comparisons between Europe and America:

You cannot compare the Internet in Europe with the Internet in the U.S.

Can you even imagine how many shootings there would be in Europe if they had Comcast?

In second place, we’ve got a simple anonymous quip about how the lawyers in the Monkey Selfie case must have reacted to a judge’s call for a do-over:

I’ll bet they went bananas

For editor’s choice on the funny side, we start out with a response from Ninja to the earlier comment about space lizards:

To be fair space lizards do less harm to creativity than copyright maximalism.

And finally, we’ve got another anonymous commenter pushing back against the idea of copyright that lasts “forever minus a day”:

“Whoa lets not be hasty there. Forever minus a second seems way more fair.”

That’s all for this week, folks!

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Comments on “Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt”

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David says:

You know what?

When I read

Next, we’ve got an anonymous comment that repurposes an anti-terrorist mantra in response to the government’s prosecution of protesters:

They hate us for our freedoms

It wasn’t clear to me whether the government hated the protesters for their freedoms, or the protesters hated the government for its freedoms.

Either way the problem appears to be that all men were not created equal, nor endowed with equal rights.

Bergman (profile) says:

Re: You know what?

The US government has no freedoms. The US system restricts federal government to specific enumerated powers, which reserving all other authority to the states or the people.

In turn, each state is granted only the powers found in its constitution (charter), and anything the state is not allowed to do is reserved to the people.

Under the US system, anything not specifically granted to government is illegal; Anything not explicitly forbidden to citizens is legal; And any statute that disagrees with the Constitution is illegal.

Bergman (profile) says:

Re: Lawrence’s Law Of Gun-Control Debates

That’s because it’s such a natural connection to make — cars are many times more dangerous than guns, both guns and cars have neutral and even good uses, and there is no constitutional protection for the right to own a car.

The only way you can honestly claim that guns are uniformly evil is if you genuinely believe that a woman who fights off a rapist is more evil than the rapist!

David says:

Re: Re: Lawrence’s Law Of Gun-Control Debates

Guns have no "good" uses. Arming both a criminal and a non-criminal will increase rather than decrease the likelihood that the former, having training, intent and first opportunity, kills the latter, so the net payoff for distributing guns to everyone is negative.

The Second Amendment is about an armed militia for the defense from outside attacks, not for civil war inside of the U.S.

The oft-cited Switzerland does not make acquisition and maintenance of weapons as easy as buying candy. Weapons and munitions are handed out and regularly inspected by the army and governed by military regulations. Consequently they aren’t trivial to come by for criminals in spite of their ubiquity.

The U.S. constitution talks about a "well-regulated militia" but that’s not what the U.S. policies are about. The U.S. policies are about an arms race in civil warfare, gaining no outward advantage in return for an internal escalation of death and violence.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Lawrence’s Law Of Gun-Control Debates

You really think they would nuke themselves?

The Day We Bombed Utah

In May 1953, the Atomic Energy Commission conducted a "safe" nuclear test shot called "Dirty Harry" near St. George, Utah. Within a few days, more than 4,000 sheep were dead of a mysterious illness. Within a few years, a plague of cancer and birth defects had rippled through the area . . .

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