Craig Brittain's Senate Race Page Reports Craig Brittain's Personal Account As An 'Imposter'

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Former revenge porn site owner Craig Brittain is now a Senate candidate in Arizona. He’s not a viable candidate, mind you, not even with Arizona senator Jeff Flake recently announcing his retirement. But he has filed the proper paperwork and is now engaged in a charm offensive offensive offensive to win the hearts and minds of whatever demographic feels the public would be best served by someone who reacts to every perceptible slight with unhinged personal attacks.

As a former revenge porn entrepreneur, Brittain has a bit more pre-run reputation management to engage in than most candidates. Just shortly after his candidacy was announced, Brittain issued two bogus “privacy” takedown requests targeting videos criticizing his ridesharing vaporware and his voluntary interview with journalists about his revenge porn site operations.

Brittain followed this up with more reputation mismanagement, raining down insults on a Twitter user who dared to unfollow him. He’s continued to poll the electorate in similar ways on Facebook, telling people they’re wrong about everything if they don’t agree with him, but especially about free speech and the concept of consent.

That’s what’s happening above ground. Behind the scenes at Facebook, Craig Brittain is engaged in more bogus takedown efforts, this time in an attempt to scrub the web of a string of insults he sent to a woman via Facebook Messenger. The following comes from Shooting the Messenger, with an assist by Asher Langton.

Earlier this week, social media expert Michael Palladino from Phoenix, Arizona, posted potentially damaging screenshots of abusive messages Brittain allegedly sent to a woman on Facebook last year.

“A woman I know got these messages early last year from a guy who is now running for AZ senate. He most likely doesn’t stand a chance against Ward or Krysten Sinema but the fact that he’s running at all is disgusting given the kind of guy he is. And now that Flake is out, he might get more media visibility. So it’s important that this shit is known.

He has his supporters and their response to things like this is that he’s the victim of some kind of conspiratorial hoax revenge machine, as if he would be so important as to catch the eye of the Illuminati or the Lizard People or whoever they think is responsible for their lives being shit. Or they agree with his views on women. Or they just don’t care.

Applauding anti-politicians who “tell it like it is” and “don’t care about being P.C.” can easily become the shallow backyard pool that breeds diseased mosquitoes like this.

Enough is enough. Fuck this.”

Palladino’s post is no longer accessible on Facebook. Someone came by and nuked it, using Facebook’s reporting options. Shortly thereafter, this was posted on Craig Brittain’s Senate race page:

We’ve heard an impersonator is harassing people. Those messages aren’t from us.

While it’s adorable Brittain’s pretending he’s got some sort of Senate race team operating out of Brittain HQ, the simple fact is Brittain reported Palladino’s post to make it go away. In the process, he has possibly nuked one of his own personal accounts, which Facebook may decide belongs to an imposter. The account referenced in the Brittain’s takedown request belongs to none other than Craig R. Brittain.

As Sterling Jones points out, Brittain really shouldn’t be reporting his own Facebook accounts as belonging to impersonators. I’m sure Facebook has compiled enough data to determine who actually owns the “Craig R. Brittain” account Craig R. Brittain For Senate now claims is a fake. This is ammo for FTC sanctions.

As part of his settlement with the FTC, Brittain is permanently restrained from misrepresenting himself in connection with goods or services.

So far, Brittain has used the account to push at least one (still nonexistent) ride sharing company and is engaged in a Senate run — arguably a public “good/service,” even if the list of candidates leaves something to be desired. There’s no reason to believe the FTC will step in, though. And we really don’t need it to. (Unless our schadenfreude reserves have run dangerously low.) It appears Brittain’s perfectly capable of sabotaging his own future without government intercession.

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Comments on “Craig Brittain's Senate Race Page Reports Craig Brittain's Personal Account As An 'Imposter'”

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That One Guy (profile) says:

"... clones, yes, it was my CLONE that did it!"

I must say, his desperate attempts to re-write his own history would almost be funny were he not running for office with a possibility, even if ever so small, of actually achieving it. Watching him flailing about trying to delete the evidence of his own actions is almost comedic.

As it is I hope he fails in spectacular fashion in this, as he has in previous parts of his life, such that everyone is able to learn just how much of a scum sucking, disgusting individual he truly is and are able to vote accordingly.

That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Not to mention all of these women who keep liking his posts & say such wonderful things the same way Craig phrases things.
I mean its not like they are accounts made with stock images… er wait.

Pity the FTC didn’t make much of an impression on Craig.
They slacked off finally issuing the order & now seem to be busy watching their navel while this waste of human flesh violates that order at will.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I would certainly like to think that no actual woman with a shred of self-respect and who isn’t completely oblivious to his past would have anything to do with him, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he and/or one of his supporters have sunk to the point of making sock-puppets to gush and praise him.

Really, when compared to his hamfisted attempts to destroy his own interviews something like that is almost tame in comparison.

Patrick Nelson (profile) says:

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