Let These Picturesque Stock Models Explain Techdirt Gear To You

from the listen-up dept

Have you hit up our super-early holiday gear sale yet? Because you’ve only got until Monday, and then it’s all going away for the rest of the year! Of course, there has been some debate about what exactly our designs mean. Since Teespring lets us superimpose our gear onto a parade of photogenic models, I figure we’ll let force them to do the talking, with speech bubbles! So if you’re confused, prepare to be enlightened:

Nerd Harder is available on T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and stickers »

Takedown is available on T-shirts and hoodies »

Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants is available on T-shirts, mugs and stickers »

Math Is Not A Crime is available on T-shirts, hoodies, mugs and stickers »

Vote2016() is available on T-shirts, hoodies and stickers »

The sale ends on Monday! Hurry up and order your gear today! »

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Comments on “Let These Picturesque Stock Models Explain Techdirt Gear To You”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Seventy years ago, the U. S. government was extremely concerned about the possibility of Nazi scientists creating weapons that could destroy whole cities. President Roosevelt sent J. Edgar Hoover and his most trusted aides to radio stations and press conferences to tell physicists to “physicize harder.” And the result is history: without any federal funding or support of any kind, with nothing but laws that prevented anyone from thinking about non-socially-approved avenues of science, physicists heard the exhortation and created what lawyers everywhere had thought impossible: the atomic bomb.

Fifty years ago, the U. S. government was extremely concerned about the possibility of communist domination of space, leading to existential threats to the American way of life. President Kennedy immediately sent laws to Congress criminalizing any propulsion systems that couldn’t achieve near earth orbit. He also sent his brother and various other appointed bureaucrats to tell rocket engineers to “engineer harder.” And without any federal funding or support of any kind, engineers responded to the call and propelled Americans to the moon–an achievement impossible for any lawyer!

Now, the U.S. government is extremely concerned that de-monopolization of the entertainment industry will have adverse effects on the fortunes that support political campaigns–the greatest existential threat imaginable. And the response is to do what has worked so well before: to criminalize tedious scientific research that doesn’t support the political goals, and inform computer scientists that if they’d only work harder, they too could do things that lawyers have decided must be possible, even though they couldn’t do them. Because lawyers are smarter than god, and have innate knowledge of what’s possible and who’s not working hard enough to do it.

Leigh Beadon (profile) says:

Re: What color is the math symbol shirt?

Nobody already has one yet, since this is the first time we’ve offered it.

The outline of the math symbol is a very faint cyan, and the inside is a slightly-cool black. You can get a better look with the picture in this post:


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