We QA Tested Vote2016() Against Last Night's Debate; No Code Changes Required

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Did you come out of last night’s debate feeling thrilled about your choices for president? No? What a surprise. Though there are fans on both sides declaring victory, most of the thinking/awake public saw what we expected: an intolerable buffoon babbling on one side, and the resultant lack of scrutiny for the hard-to-like career politician making worrying statements on the other. Perhaps nowhere was this clearer than on an issue of importance here at Techdirt: would you prefer Trump’s directionless ramblings about “the cyber”, or Clinton’s coherent but terrifying overtures of war with Russia? Take your pick, America. And when you do, we’ve got a shirt for you.

There’s less than a week left to order your Vote2016() gear. The campaign ends on Oct. 3rd so you can get it just in time for election day — and then it’s gone for good!

And don’t forget to check out our new Math Is Not A Crime shirt, and other designs available for the last time this year in our super-early holiday gear sale.

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Comments on “We QA Tested Vote2016() Against Last Night's Debate; No Code Changes Required”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I have no love for Trump and his pro police state mentality, but he is obviously the lesser of the 4 evils running for office.

If Gary Johnson was not Pro-TPP (basically a SELL OUT) and had a strong immigration policy I would vote for him, but all that is left is the turd Trump.

Hillary, if you vote for THAT then you have ZERO rights to complain about anyone else’s corrupt ass politics. Hillary is a work of TERRIBLE art!

Anonymous Coward says:

Don't believe the hornswogglers

Actually, believing you have to vote according to a poll who’s methodology is suspect is what is keeping evil1 and evil2 in power. About 77% of eligible voters did not vote in the primaries. In any other situation, if people are cheated, they no longer deal with that person/business. Why should government be any different? Vote the bastards out.

Jill Stein wouldn’t bring on WWIII like Hillary or do whatever it is Trump would do. Check out her platform. She’s the only candidate against the TPP which would give corporations sovereignty, with no responsibility to the citizens of any nation. 77% of the voters can choose to save the world.

Pew Research

United States Elections Project

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Don't believe the hornswogglers

Its time to clean house. Certain things need to be taken care of in the USA and neither Clinton nor Trump will do them. Out of control police. Military overspending on unending wars. Government trampling the Constitutional rights of the citizenry. Government subsidizing powerful, money making entities like banks and the oil and gas industry. All of Steins policies could be paid by just stopping the annual bank subsidy.

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