Techdirt Podcast Episode 92: Passwords Suck; What's Next?

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Data breaches that expose passwords are pretty much a fact of life at this point — and the effects are multiplied by the fact that many, many people reuse passwords no matter how much they know they shouldn’t. As such, there’s a big push to move to password managers, two-factor authentication, and even biometrics — because the simple fact is that the password sucks. This week, we’re discussing what if anything will succeed in replacing it.

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Comments on “Techdirt Podcast Episode 92: Passwords Suck; What's Next?”

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nasch (profile) says:


You seem to indicate the randomness of a (master) password is very important, even going so far as to claim that a non-random passphrase that you choose yourself “can be figured out”, but my understanding is length is far more important than anything else, including randomness. Isn’t it true that a meaningful 60 character phrase that isn’t at all random (but also not a common string like a popular saying or some such) is much harder for a computer to crack than 30 characters of randomly chosen words?

If anyone’s interested, LastPass is very similar to Dashlane from Mike’s description. It also supports fingerprint authentication on Android – don’t know if Dashlane does. One difference is if you want to synchronize between devices with Dashlane it’s $40 a year, but only $12 for LastPass.

Now listen to the podcast and count how many times someone says “like”. 😉

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