DailyDirt: The Fight Against Cancer Continues…

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There have been some pretty wild treatments for cancer, from modifying HIV and creating a gene therapy approach… to using genetically-engineered bacteria or radiation to attack cancer cells. Over the years, there have been quite a few promising studies that haven’t amounted to practical treatments. There will probably never be a silver bullet, but until medicine figures out how to beat a lot more cancers, there’s always more research to be done.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Fight Against Cancer Continues…”

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tek'a says:

Re: Re:

“Cancer” is a balloon term for hundreds, if not thousands, of different cellular dysfunctions and systemic diseases.

While some treatments are nearly universal (if there is a big lump get a scalpel, if things grow fast give the patient poison) the specific prevention, treatment and diagnosis methods can be as varied as the “cancer” events themselves.

Not that there shouldn’t be work done, it’s just that it’s hard to throw money at the problem and see results in a timeframe that people want.

Rekrul says:

Maybe I’m too cynical, but every time I hear about these “breakthroughs”, I think back to an article I read many years ago. A doctor was treating a patient badly in need of a heart transplant. He wasn’t expected to live more than a few months.

The doctor attached a small external pump and then disconnected the heart, so that it was no longer beating. It was still alive, just sitting idle in the patient’s chest. After a month or two the doctor opened him back and up and found that the heart had healed itself almost to perfect condition. He removed the pump, reconnected the heart and the patient had no more immediate heart problems.

The article closed by saying that they expected this new treatment to save hundreds or even thousands of people who were currently only treatable by having a transplant.

And in the years since then, this miracle “breakthrough” seems to have completely disappeared.

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