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All the biology we study today is based on life that relies on DNA (and RNA) to propagate. The ability to control DNA sequences will have a profound effect on our environment and society. We can already create synthetic lifeforms, but are we responsible enough to play with biotechnological fire?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Life As We Know It…”

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Stephen says:

Bad Idea!

GMO animals might be cruelty free — if we can engineer farm animals to not feel pain?

Bad idea!

An animal which cannot not feel pain is an animal might well badly injure itself without realising it.

Pain is the mechanism through which animals–including us!–realise that we are being damaged and take steps to prevent it. Imagine, for example, if you put your own hand into a flame but did not realise the consequences because you did not feel the pain which comes from being burnt.

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