DailyDirt: Alternatives To The Turing Test

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Artificial intelligence research has made quite a few advances, but the goalposts are always moving back. Not too long ago, people thought that games like chess and poker were far too difficult for software to play as well as humans. There are still a few games that computers can’t quite play as well as humans, but that list is getting smaller all the time. Software with “general intelligence” is still a bit beyond our reach, but the Singularity could happen any moment now.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Alternatives To The Turing Test”

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JimG says:

>maybe we should try to figure out what human intelligence is
>before we devise a test for non-humans.

Good luck with that one. On the surface that seems to make sense, but it’s kind of like saying “maybe we should figure out what God is before we decide how to be a good person.”

The whole point of the Turing test is that since we have historically failed in defining things like “thinking” or “intelligence” we replace these unclear definitionsJim with something that is “expressed in relatively unambiguous words.” Turing suggested a better question is “Are there imaginable digital computers which would do well in the imitation game?”


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