DailyDirt: Cyborgs All Around Us

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Technology is becoming ever more essential in our daily lives, but as long as the devices we use are still separate things outside of our bodies, we haven’t yet fully adapted to technology. However, as technology gets a bit more advanced, it won’t seem too strange to start implanting technology in ourselves. If you wear contact lenses, maybe you think you’re a pioneer. But there are far more extreme examples, and some folks are really taking it to the next level.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Cyborgs All Around Us”

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intellectual peon says:

a bit of trivia

The Jarvik-7’s inventor, Robert Jarvik, married famed professional genius Marilyn vos Savant, whose IQ score of 228 (as a young child in the 1950s) is not only a world record, but puts her in the top mega-zillionth percentile of utter smartness. The fact that she’s accomplished practically nothing in her life other than radiating her intelligence on humanity is further proof that were we all as smart as Marilyn vos Savant, none of us would have to actually produce anything for a living.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: a bit of trivia

Intelligence is one of many factors that contributes to our ability to innovate. However, it’s ‘utter and complete dedication’ to ones’ goals in life that ultimately brings us to the next phase…

In fact, many historical figures who have made what our lives our today lived long and hard pitiful lives and often died as a cost.

In other words, intelligence has nothing to do with a persons ability to conquer the impossible which is why most if not all IQ tests are bogus.

Richard (profile) says:

Re: Re: a bit of trivia

In other words, intelligence has nothing to do with a persons ability to conquer the impossible which is why most if not all IQ tests are bogus.

Actually ALL IQ tests ARE bogus for a much simpler reason.

All that they measure is the correlation between the person setting the test and the person taking it.

If the person taking the test has a better answer to a question than the person who set it then the score will be lower!

A real innovator is highly likely to come up with different – sometimes better – answers than the test setter could think of and so will score lower.

Anonymous Coward says:

Back in the 90s I had one Colombian childhood friend that had a battery powered pacemaker whom I used to play soccer with.

If he’s still alive or has lived long enough to make upgrades to prolong his life, I’m unaware of. But I was always impressed by his will to live and to be like everyone else despite the dangers of dying at any moment – Battery failure etc…

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