DailyDirt: Data Is Everywhere, Let's Use It

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If you’ve been reading Techdirt for a while, you probably know that we’re not big fans of this myth: “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” Regardless of whether or not you pay for something, some companies will still treat their customers horribly. Likewise, there are also some corporations that try to treat customers (or users) with respect without expectation of payment for the favor. That said, it’s easy to make mistakes that get mis-interpreted when it comes to analyzing consumer behavior. An unintentional email message to a targeted (or even un-targeted) group of customers can enrage a whole community. Consumer data is available to a lot of companies, but it might be wise for these companies to tread lightly with their data scientists. Here are just a few cases that data miners might want to check out.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Data Is Everywhere, Let's Use It”

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Barbara Duck (user link) says:

Data Selling Epidemic

Here’s some information on this and my campaign to license data sellers so we know who they are and can on our own dime go fix it. Flawed data is on the rise and we have the “scoring of America” taking place as it’s not only your data but they score you and sell that too. Scoring has been going on for a long time but now they sell it for money. Walgreens makes between 1-2 billion a year selling data.

I was happy to hear Tim Cook mention the word “license” as well because we should know who they are. We get repackaged and sold over and over and so go the flaws. People are showing up with diabetes diagnosis who are not and other chronic diseases.


FTC found 7 mobile apps selling data.



Hospitals buying your Acxiom and credit card data, they are idiots and I don’t think this will fly but they are beginning the process.


World privacy report too covers “The Scoring of America”


Selling of the “scores” really dangerous as this relates right back to the acceleration of inequality as you get denied something so my campaign is about transparency, not stopping data selling but like you said, become more responsible as flawed data gets same price as good data and they don’t care.

Here’s a company that packages your credit card data and sells it to insurers, scored and analyzed.


We do have concerns with privacy.

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