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While it’s still summertime and schools haven’t started up yet, kids are happily playing outdoors (hopefully) and not worrying about the coming onslaught of homework and common core initiatives. The stuff that kids play with has gotten more advanced over the years (not just iPads and gaming consoles), and some toys are really fascinating. Here are just a few things

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making Good Toys”

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Sheogorath (profile) says:

Soap bubbles are fun, but how hard could it be to make soap bubbles a solid color with some dyes? Apparently, it’s non-obvious to those skilled in the art (see US patent 7910531), and simply adding dyes to soap bubble solutions make mostly clear (regular) bubbles with all the dye collecting in a single spot on the bottom of the bubble.

So it’s not as easy as simply combining the washing up liquid and the dye before adding the water, the same way my mum’s always done it? Who knew?

amoshias (profile) says:

Re: Yes, it's not as easy as that...

because your mom never did that.

Getting a dye to dye a bubble a solid color – without it pooling at the bottom and eventually popping the bubble – is actually a fantastically complex problem, and solving it involved some major advances in materials science and thin film physics. It’s actually really interesting.

Or, I’m sure your mom just tossed some food coloring in there and it worked. Makes sense, right?

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