DailyDirt: You Tell Me That It's Evolution…

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The number of zombie apocalypse movies has been growing over the last few years, introducing “fast-moving” zombies and new kinds of swarming behaviors for the undead. The causes of the zombie apocalypse range from viral to supernatural, but the general awareness of biotechnology’s ability to create monsters is undeniable. Meanwhile, Mother Nature herself is creating her own deadly diseases (ahem, ebola) and is making them more difficult to eradicate. Here are just a few observations of evolution that we can hopefully learn from and use to prevent an extinction event.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: You Tell Me That It's Evolution…”

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orbitalinsertion (profile) says:

Predictable blah blah blah

Ah, no, mutation is always random. Selection isn’t. The fact that the same mutation arises independently and is selected for is still random on the mutation end. But the populations have a shared genome to work with, so it isn’t terribly surprising that they would all independently evolve a suite of advantages.

The novel observation is cool, but still as poorly presented as the rest of the article. The only way mutations could only occur in a specific order is if it is a secondary mutation on a mutated gene. It almost certainly could occur in a different order, but may not have a selective advantage, or be outright selected against if it breaks things without the prior mutation in place.

I looked for some comment on this rather old article, and even searched Jerry Coyne’s blog, but couldn’t find anything. But it is a case of rather atrocious science journalism. An interesting fact written up mostly wrong. In fact, the actual interesting novel discovery is barely addressed, either specifically or in a generalized fashion such as to provide a basis for the strangely worded claim in the title.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: Re:

That’s like saying ‘I am sick an tired of water turning into a solid state being confused with water freezing. Water turning into a solid state if cold enough is a fact. Water freezing, may, in reality, be a myth.’

No, as a matter of fact, evolution is not a myth, no matter how much some people might wish it to be. Evolution, that is species changing over time to better ‘fit’ their environment via random mutations is, as much as anything can be with science, a fact. The only real debate is the details of ‘How?’, with the theory of evolution being the current ‘winner’ there.

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