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If you don’t like the look of spiders, you’re not alone. Some folks think that if you learn more about spiders, the less afraid you’ll be of them. Maybe that’s true. Maybe. Spiders exhibit all kinds of fascinating behaviors… and you’ll have to decide for yourself if knowing about these spider traits makes them more or less scary for you. Here are just a few links to haunt your nightmares.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Scary Spiders…”

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random example says:

Male mouse spider loves the rain

Sorry, reposting… the story URL did not appear in the body of the previous post.

A relation of the trapdoor spider, who looks scary, comes out after rainfall… and another case of the
male being happy to become a meal in return for safely shooting his load right on target.



Close-up image associated with the story:


art guerrilla (profile) says:

spiders are people too...

can’t remember if i’ve bored the kampers here with my personal observations, but our 10 acres is usually absolutely chock full of spiders, mostly golden orb weavers and crab spiders, but all kinds…
the last couple years, the spider population has crashed, we used to carry a ‘spider-stick’ to brush away the webs when we walked the trails through the woods; now ? don’t need it, hardly 1/100th of how many there used to be…
is it coincidental that the number of observed anoles, blue-tailed skinks, snakes has gone way down too ? ? ?
(oh, and fuk u spel czech, anoles and skinks are both ‘real’ words, what useless crap…)
couple more spider factoids:
if you didn’t know, ALL spiders are venomous, just some is so weak it is not a threat…
if you go out on your lawn at dusk/night, and shine your flashlight, *most* of the reflections you think is moisture or dew on the grass, are spider eyes looking back at you…

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