Pulitzers Make Rep. Peter King Mad

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Rep. Peter King has made it clear that he will stop at nothing to attack anyone who thinks Ed Snowden did something useful. He was one of the first to call for the reporters who revealed the NSA’s surveillance to be prosecuted and has no qualms about lying to get his way. He’s even gone so far as to argue that anyone who claims the NSA is “spying” or “snooping” is committing slander.

His main beef is his supposed belief that Snowden and anyone reporting on the facts he revealed are somehow “appeasing” terrorists. Of course, that’s quite ironic, given King’s history as a major terrorist appeaser in supporting the IRA decades ago, even as they were blowing up buildings that resulted in death and injury to many.

However, it’s long been clear that King has no self-awareness and no understanding of his own hypocrisy. Within minutes of the Pulitzers announcing that one of its prizes was being given to the publications that reported on the Ed Snowden documents, King angrily tweeted his disgust:

Notice that King refers to two respected news publications and countless journalists as “enablers” rather than journalists. There’s only one person who’s a disgrace in this situation and it’s Rep. Peter King. Someone might want to send him a copy of the First Amendment, and its parts about freedom of the press. King seems to have forgotten his oath to uphold that part of the Constitution.

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Comments on “Pulitzers Make Rep. Peter King Mad”

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Killing My Career (profile) says:

Anytime there is exposure of the facts that others wanted to remain hidden there will be an outcry like Rep. King’s. Sen. Grassley just received the Edward Snowden treatment from the FBI and certainly has reason now to understand why Snowden did what he did.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Do NOT vote republican or democrat

This is what I am talking about right here. Already a major of Americans are fed up with the politics as usual and now register to vote as independent. Should Washington and crew continue to push as they have been, it may well turn out that those registered as independent may actually vote that way.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Do NOT vote republican or democrat

That’s one of the problems with the Americatoday. People need to stop voting for people using villianizing slurs such as “Republican” or “Democrat” or “Liberal” or “Conservative” or whatever else have you and start voting on people who are leadership material who focus on the issues the common people care most about.

Pragmatic says:

Re: Do NOT vote republican or democrat

What Guardian says. Choose a candidate who is willing to uphold the Constitution, not rip it to shreds or replace it with an inferior document (Articles of Confederation, anyone? Me, neither).

Third parties exist. Let’s be talking about them and discussing their policies on our social media accounts.

Andrew Norton (profile) says:

We are talking about the same Rep Peter King who had no problem supporting terrorists when they were bombing people in the UK?
The kicker is, the Boston Bombing a year ago, is a near identical carbon-copy of the Warrington bombing that occurred almost exactly 20 years earlier. even the death toll was eerily similar. But he has a problem with one and actively supported the other.

Man’s an absolute fucking disgrace.
He’s no room to talk about anything or anyone about causing people to be mad. He makes my blood boil every time I see him spout more shit. Mainly because I was AT that bomb attack he supported. I was just 13, and I heard that bang, and felt something just miss my head.

Well you know what, go fuck yourself you corrupt terrorist piece of shit. Go rot in jail where you belong.

Gwiz (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

He’s not American, he’s an idiot in Hong Kong.

Wow. So much wrong in such a small sentence.

Snowden is a United States citizen. If he wasn’t, the US couldn’t have childishly revoked his passport. Being a US citizen makes you about as “American” as one can be.

And he isn’t in Hong Kong and hasn’t been since June 2013 when the US revoked his passport mid-travel and left him stranded at the Moscow airport.

alternatives() says:

Re: Re:

Snowden must be stopped

Stopped from doing WHAT?

very distressing that pirates and freetards would think otherwise.

The distressing part is the slinging of emotive words VS using words to reflect the actual reality.

Thinking is obviously hard for scum like you.

Undertanding is the 1st step to get to thinking. You seem to not understand that Snowden has no documents in is possession. He’s passed ’em all on to others.

FM Hilton (profile) says:

Snowden must be stopped?

How about you ask the Pulitzer Prize Committee about this?

After all, this is the most prestigious prize in Journalism and even they recognize the value of Snowden’s revelations.

Like they didn’t think long and hard about it? Yes, indeed. They give it out to everyone because they want to without thinking.

That goes for the honored papers too. They didn’t think twice about publishing the most noteworthy series in about 40 years.

No indeed. They just did it because they felt like it.

Never mind that the Guardian was threatened with government closure by the British government during the publication, that Greenwald’s partner was detained at Heathrow Airport for over 12 hours on a phony ‘terrorist’ basis and that all the reporters have had to take extraordinary steps to keep themselves safe to continue reporting on the information.

No, not thinking stuff. Just plain courage.

Notice that nobody else besides King has had anything to say about it, positive or negative. They’ve been kicked in the pants thoroughly with the awarding of this prize.

Which requires thinking and reticence.

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