Senator McCain Says Snowden Is Working For Putin Based On 'Timing' Of News Reports Snowden Has Nothing To Do With

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It appears that Senator John McCain is the latest to insist that Ed Snowden is working for the Russians. And while Mike Rogers has been pushing that line for quite some time (despite no evidence to support it, and the fact that the DOJ, the FBI and even Senator Dianne Feinstein have said there is no evidence of it being true), McCain has an even more ridiculous reason for claiming it’s true: the “timing” of the news reports based on the documents Snowden gave to reporters:

McCain said he believed Snowden was working with Russia, “because of the timing of his releases of this information. If you look at the timing it’s when certain issues have been before us.”

There’s just one huge glaring problem with that. Snowden has absolutely nothing to do with the timing. Snowden gave a large pile of documents to Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Barton Gellman. Some of those documents have been shared with certain publications, including reporters at The Guardian, the NY Times and Der Spiegel. But as everyone who’s been reporting on these issues has noted, Snowden has had zero input in what was being reported on and when. The “timing” has always been up to the various publications. So, based on McCain’s claims, he is actually suggesting that the NY Times and The Guardian, among others, are actually “working for Russia” and taking orders from Putin on when to publish certain news. I would think that even among the wacky conspiracy theorists out there, such a contention is plainly idiotic.

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Comments on “Senator McCain Says Snowden Is Working For Putin Based On 'Timing' Of News Reports Snowden Has Nothing To Do With”

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Anonymous Coward says:

This isn't surprising

Everyone knows McCain is senile, and has been for a long time. It was obvious during the 2008 campaign that dementia was making substantial progress and that his mind — never all that sharp to begin with — was deteriorating badly.

However, since this is America, where we have no problem electing senile people (and re-electing them), he will no doubt continue to prattle on like the worthless douchebag that he is until he finally kicks off.

(And this is why I favor mandatory intelligence, domain knowledge, and mental agility testing for all public servants. There’s plenty of stupid in this country already, we don’t need it running the country.)

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: This isn't surprising

Good point. But one possible way around that is to demand that those people also meet the standard(s), whatever those happen to be. This still leaves open cronyism, insider favors, corruption, etc., but if I’m going to be lied to, cheated, ripped off and generally screwed over by government, I’d like it to at least be done by smart government rather than a stupid one. (Today’s example of a stupid one: bloated pusbag Chris Christie, an ugly corrupt pimple on the face of humanity.)

Pragmatic says:

Re: Re: Re: This isn't surprising

Christie is committed to “a free market society.” That says it all – there’s no such thing as a free market. When they talk about supply-side economics, they mean “Supplier first.”

Now imagine living in a country where corporations control the news, run prisons and medical services for profit, and constantly lobby for increased security and military contracts, and issue merit badges for excellence in corporate propaganda.

Anonymous Coward says:

More attempts at character assassination. All of them can be plainly seen for what they are.

Sen. McCain already has enough problems at home, with his GOP issuing a Resolution of Rebuke of United States Senator John McCain for his voting record and positions.

Now I would not have a huge problem with McCain going against the average part of the GOP for the betterment of the country, that’s not exactly what is happening. McCain has already shown serious problems with judgement just in selecting Palin as his running mate during his presidential bid.

Like much of the rest of congress it just keeps going down hill.

Beech says:

The Course is Clear

Well, let’s assume for the moment that Snowden is working with Russia and doing all this damage to US interests. I guess we should do whatever it takes to stop the damage right? Maybe grant him full immunity for all past crimes, a reinstated passport, and a free trip home. Then just have the NSA make sure he doesn’t give Putin any phonecalls.

So whats more important? Pigheadedly demanding the prosecution of Snowden, or stopping all the alleged damage he’s doing by working with Russia?

David says:

The strategy is working.

Everybody is focusing on whether or not Edward Snowden is a traitor and/or a criminal and should be brought to justice accordingly.

As long as that is the topic of the day, nobody is focusing on whether Clapper and Alexander are traitors and criminals and should be brought to justice accordingly, and how the crimes against the constitution, congress and the American people can be brought to a stop and punished.

Snowden has made his move and is off the board. Time to focus on the pieces still in the game. It’s not like there is a shortage of treason.

c.f.frost says:

Re: Let's never forget

McCain is the guy who is in favor of the US torturing people because he got tortured by the [North Vietnamese] and that makes it OK, or something.

When McCain was tortured, either he gave up the goods and sold out his military comrades ? thus he knows torture “works” ? or, he kept his mouth shut, knows torture is a worse-than-useless war crime, and he’s just a bloodthirsty, warmongering sick fuck.

GEMont (profile) says:

Rewriting History 101

As I’ve said before, NSA and its cheerleaders will never stop calling Snowden a traitor and never admit to their own crimes.

It is these comments by the NSA and its paid and unpaid cheerleaders that historians will record for posterity and that will create – from whole cloth – the history that will become the truth for future generations.

This process; because of its blatant and obvious dishonesty, appears silly and childish at first glance, but it is a tried and true method of rewriting history to protect the guilty and vilify the heroes of the public, creating “examples” to prevent similar future exposes of government and corporate crime, from ever occurring.

Robert Booth says:


And now McTraitorCain is dead. Good riddance! Talk about the pot calling a kettle black. McTraitor betrayed his oath his country and his party because of his spiteful small character. And the man was honored by no less that GW. Well, that’s not surprising, given President Trump saw them both for what they were/are: losers and liars. Good riddance to both, and toast in hell McTraitorCain.

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