French Privacy Agency DDoS's Itself In Ordering Google To Link To It From Google France Home Page

from the what-you-get-when-you're-technologically-clueless dept

Last month, Google got hit with a €150,000 fine for its new privacy policy, which French regulators claimed violated the law. Google has been disputing this and has appealed, but as part of the ruling by the French National commission for Computing and Civil Liberties (CNIL), Google was ordered to post a statement to the home page of about the fine, along with a link back to CNIL’s website which had the full ruling. Google had asked to suspend the order to post the message until after the appeals process was complete, but that was denied. In response, Google posted the message, and promptly caused CNIL’s website to go offline, as apparently the technologically clueless folks over there never realized that having a link from Google’s home page in that country might lead to a bit of extra traffic.

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Comments on “French Privacy Agency DDoS's Itself In Ordering Google To Link To It From Google France Home Page”

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axel says:

Ok, you can stop the circle jerk, the CNIL aren’t the most tech-savvy French agency, but they are far from ?technologically clueless?.

Obviously, they didn’t expect so much traffic, but that doesn’t make them tech idiots, they released a GPL-licensed cookie visualisation tool last month for instance:

(it’s hosted on Sourceforge, yeah, that’s not very future-oriented?)

PaulT (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Why is it that people feel they need to insult people before “correcting” them?

Anyway, whoever represented the agency in this case isn’t exactly clued up on technology, or at least didn’t think far enough ahead to realise the results of their demands. That they happen to have some FOSS coders on their payroll doesn’t change this.

If it makes you feel better, read the comment as referring to the people responsible for actions on behalf of the agency rather than their entire staff. That doesn’t change the actual criticism.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Exactly, they hold no value on the true meaning of right, only on the value of an illusion, that can be gotten away with

i.e. their right, even if the verdict is overturned, so any mention of this should the subject come up, they won, and the “law” backs them up, hoping that the person they say this too hasnt kept up, and knows of the overturn and realises the lie to such a statement, when their only concern is to “win”sic the current argument and hope everyone leaves before the truth of it comes out sic

Plus, the undisguised FORCED influence they are attempting, knowing that there is NOTHING right about what they say, but an artificial one………they insult the people by not acknowledging their own damn individual opinions, or perhaps they know that what they do IS’NT right……..they feel they need to brainwash……sorry……educate the people……..for the n’th time, for the n’th generation

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