New Net Neutrality Bill Introduced, Has No Chance Of Passing

from the this-is-not-the-solution-you're-looking-for dept

Well, this was inevitable, but a group of Representatives have introduced a new net neutrality bill, called the Open Internet Preservation Act of 2014, which attempts to bring back the FCC’s rules that an appeals court struck down. The bill is more PR than anything else. For whatever reason (actually no good reason at all), net neutrality has become a purely partisan issue in Congress (Democrats for, Republicans against) and based on the fact that this bill only has Democrat sponsors, it means, first off, that it’s only going to rekindle the same old fight without solving anything and go nowhere. But, more importantly, it’s still the same old situation trying to kludge together a temporary solution for the real problem, which is the lack of a competitive market.

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Comments on “New Net Neutrality Bill Introduced, Has No Chance Of Passing”

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CK20XX (profile) says:

Re: Re:

I wonder if it wouldn’t be erroneous to vote for politicians based on whether they put time into games like Minecraft or Sim City. You know, games where the focus is on building something grand and effective that people will love, not on petty bickering or going to war with others. How soon until we can expect people like that to come along?

Anonymous Coward says:

an entire world wide network of human beings and yet the well oiled merry-go-round of bs continues to spin in an undesired direction.

human beings that, nowadays are much more intelligent than the “generation” I grew up in. yet the “99%” are losing. I fear the direction we are headed… the majority of people fear it. yet, all we can do is complain. it’s sad.

I’m not blaming anyone more than I blame myself though. we are all part of the reason things are so bad and worse yet we all fear the “big wigs” that we enable just by believing simultaneously that they are the “big wigs”. worse yet some people actually choose it, thinking things are better than ever.

good night (morning actually) and good health to us all.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

“nowadays are much more intelligent than the “generation” I grew up in”

I doubt that.

” yet, all we can do is complain.”

Did you may miss the various news reports?

“we are all part of the reason things are so bad “

Speak for yourself dipshit

” I fear the direction we are headed.. worse yet we all fear .. “

You might want to seek professional help

“the “big wigs” that we enable”

No I didn’t. You use the term “we” quite loosely

“things are better than ever.”

Who, exactly, claims this?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Dipshit apologists go around attempting to lay blame upon those who have the least amount of influence upon the present state of most everything. Then, they sheepishly point at paper upon which the founding fathers wrote words. Words that are oft quoted but rarely followed by our representatives. These representatives attained office with a minority of the eligible votes due to low voter turnout, gerrymandering and outright electoral fraud. Then they claim a mandate to implement whatever policy they get paid for regardless of the needs and desires of their constituents.

And then some dipshit claims it is my fault. Well, up yours.

EveryoneForCongress_Molyett (profile) says:

That's the current congress

Everything is fair game to these guys as a partisan issue, even fair play by government supported monopolies.

This is exactly why I am pushing for some information security expertise to get elected to Congress this year. Lawyers writing laws with experts advising is apparently backward, the money gets too much say. Lets put experts into Congress and let lawyers advise them on the language details!

Refuse to engage in the partisan games. Support unaffiliated candidates.

Anonymous Coward says:

But FREEDOM can justify any stance on a polical issue!

Sure Net Neutrality is a partisan issue now… but but FREEDOM justifies taking seemingly backwards stances on almost anything! Here’s a few examples.

-Net Neutrality? That infringes on FREEDOM of capitalist ISP’s to extort, err I mean ‘charge’ as much money from the free market as they possibly can! Even if there’s no competition and no sign of new competition coming anytime soon for ISP’s the free market will still self correct itself here!

-Trade agreements that let foreign companies sue the government for hurting their profits with pesky things like environmental and safety laws? But the government is harming their FREEDOM to pollute the environment and put workers in an unsafe environment in the name of boosting profits!

-Government granted monopolies through patents and copyright that harm the economy? But that infringes on the content creator’s FREEDOM to patent troll the free market to get rich! Freedom is ALWAYS good, even if it’s the freedom to get screwed over by other people’s freedoms!

jilocasin (profile) says:

Natural monopoly

Competition is probably what’s needed, but it has to be at the ISP level _not_ at the infrastructure level. The wires/cables/fiber optics is a natural monopoly. It doesn’t make sense; practically, economically to force everyone to run their own set of lines to every household (and no, wireless/satellite isn’t an adequate substitute).

We don’t expect every delivery service to run their own roads, nor every electric company to run their own power wires, nor every water company to run their own pipes to everyone’s house, it’s silly to expect every potential ISP to do the same.

Split the wires from the access and let anyone who wants to compete as an ISP. Then you’ll have a chance of seeing the real competition that your looking for.

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