DailyDirt: Tips For Optimal Pizza Eating

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There are a lot of different kinds of pizza, and it’s a food that is often mentioned here on Techdirt — often as the example of how giving away free samples can drive greater business. But if you just like to eat pizza, and don’t care about any other aspects of the pizza business (or any other business), here are just a few tips for you.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Tips For Optimal Pizza Eating”

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Anonymous Anonymous Coward says:

Polite and eager for work:

Lived on both coasts and in the middle. Moved interstate 18 times, though there were a few repeats. About 40 or so years of that was in the Hospitality business with a strong side on food service and the kitchen. I observed folks, sometimes regionally (though today I would not wish to risk a senior moment with regard to where those were) using utensils on pizza and struggled to maintain a sense of decorum when witnessed.

I feel confident that those locations were not on either coast, but were in the middle, someplace(s). Interestingly, I found some other things common in those middle places, not prominent on either coast. The first thing I noticed is manners. Even in cities, manners were more prominent in the middle than on the coasts. The second thing noticed was a work ethic. Folks in the middle understood work. Had some trouble with that issue on both coasts.

The utensils on pizza thing probably comes from the manners bit, taken a bit far, though one could argue that the work ethic works in too, as it is a lot harder to eat a pizza with even the Bestest(TM) utensils, than by hand. And Yes! Folding is the way to go. One of my requirements for a good pizza is that when I pick up the slice and fold it, it should not sag at the other end (regardless of pizza circumference and/or topping selection). This is possible with many different kinds of dough, but it (the dough) must be treated properly, both before and during the baking process to achieve such a result.

On the other hand, Chicago style deep dish is an argument for experimentation gone too far! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Crashoverride (profile) says:

Ok If there is going to be a list about Pizza Boxes Hell Pizza cannot be left off…..

As their box folds into a coffin for “your remains” those few slices not eaten. Basically as the pic will not display you punch and pop out your pizza box to form a coffin.


or more recently “a world-first 3D zombie shooter on a pizza box”

Hell pizza rocks ever since I met the owners I’ve been a super fan. Hell they deliver the pizza’s via hearsts. They had one of the first ever chose your own adventure Youtube video’s as you try to deliver pizza during a Zombie attack.


They created Pizza Roulette for College students. Basically they put Ubers super ho… Very Hot sauce on one and only one slice of pizza. So one unlucky college student would find themselves sweating to no end… lol


They jumped on the opportunity to rent the neighboring billboard to a PETA billboard winning them many awards


and seriously this barely scratches the surface… Like to join their loyalty club you must sell your soul… as the website asks when was the last time did anything for you like order a pizza get you laid or keep you out of trouble…. just saying

Andrew D. Todd (user link) says:

The Authenticity of Pizza

Strictly authentic pizza is a dish of the very poor: bread dough, olive oil, tomato paste, and garlic, with all but the first being dispensable if finances do not permit. I believe you will find a description in Ann Cornelison’s _Women of the Shadows: A Study of the Wives and Mothers of Southern Italy_ (1976). Of course, to make it palatable to Americans, a good deal of meat, cheese, and fresh vegetables had to be added, and of course the traditional method of eating it broke down. Pizza as we know it was invented in America. Deep-dish pizza is simply an extreme case.

That is a common characteristic when various kinds of cuisine are converted for American consumption. one of the few exceptions I can think of is Tibetan cooking, where they have to take some butter out, to reflect the fact that the diners are not eating at an altitude of 15,000 feet. Perhaps similar considerations would apply if someone were to open an Eskimo restaurant.

A couple of years ago, the Italian state prosecutors managed to get a wiretap of one of Silvio Berlusconi’s call-girls talking to her girlfriend about one of Berlusconi’s orgies, and they published the tape. An excerpt was subsequently reprinted in Harpers magazine (April, 2011). In the recording, the call girl’s girlfriend wanted to know what the celebrants had had for dinner, and the call-girl responded: “Let’s say the emphasis was not exactly on food. The table was set nicely, but the food was very simple– well prepared, though. A caprese antipasto, a pasta, a good risotto, grilled chicken, a little [eggplant] Parmigiana,” and she went on to complain about the hopeless banality of Berlusconi’s tastes, that surely he could find something more interesting to eat than _that_. This is what _authentic_ Italian cooking looks like.

Interestingly, in Tomasi de Lampedusa’s _The Leopard_, the Italian _Gone With the Wind_, the Sicilian Prince of Salinas, a thinly disguised version of Lampedusa’s grandfather in the year 1860 at the time of the Risorgmento, does not carve a bird or a roast at table– he dishes out the minestrone soup. The soup is considered to be the dish of authenticity, which requires the hand of the paterfamilias.

I tracked down a couple of items in Berlusconi’s dinner which I did not know about, and I think it works out to someone like George Wallace or Strom Thurmond eating a traditional southern dinner consisting of fried chicken, and the usual fixings, viz: cole slaw, mashed potatoes, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and cornbread. Oh, and peach pie for desert. This is presumably the Italian equivalent. The whole idea is to stretch out a small quantity of chicken with a multitude of vegetable preparations of wildly varying taste.


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