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Judge Steps Down, Chooses Comedy

from the what-a-joke dept

Well, here’s some unfortunate, but expected, news. Vince Sicari, the jokester judge with dual part-time jobs as New Jersey traffic court justice and comedic actor has chosen not to continue seeking redress from his legal-y masters. After being told he had to choose between his judgeship or being funny, he decided to continue to be funny. That isn’t to say he isn’t disappointed, of course.

Sicari said he had hoped for a different decision, but was braced for the court’s interpretation.

“I was beyond proud to be a judge and I consider myself lucky to have done two jobs I loved,” said Sicari. “But, I respect the court’s decision.”

If this story didn’t have enough funny details already, consider that the court that made this ruling dedicated time during the trial to sit and watch several examples of Sicari’s routine. A group of supreme court justices, sitting together, watching comedy routines of another judge as part of trial. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s a damn shame that Sicari can’t serve the public as a judge, part-time mind you, earning roughly $13,000 a year with no beneifts for his service, while also pursuing comedy and acting gigs. In fact, as commenters on the original article noted, it sure sounds like this ruling might butt up against that pesky First Amendment that causes so many problems these days. Unfortunately, Sicari is quitting the fight, leaving the latest ruling unchallenged. For those of us that have both common sense and a sense of humor, we lost a friend in the legal system…for now.

“As long as this is a rule, I won’t sit on the bench again in New Jersey. That is, unless someone wants to offer me a judge TV show.”

Dear comedy gods, please make this happen, like, yesterday.

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Comments on “Judge Steps Down, Chooses Comedy”

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BentFranklin (profile) says:

Humor should not only be allowed in all situations, it should be mandatory. If you hate terrorism, then you should love humor, because humor is the diametrical opposite of terrorism. Terrorism is attempting to change policy through violence, so attempting to change policy through laughter is the antidote.

Also, I find this very illuminating:

OldGeezer (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Re:

Just look at the O.J. trial. Mark Furman used racist language previously and the defense was able to play this that because O.J. was black he must have wanted to frame him. You and I both know that was a big stretch but as I said, in court it is a matter of perception. If this guy’s comedy had not involved such potentially offensive racial material I doubt it would have ever even have come up. A judge must appear 100% unbiased.

David Heti (profile) says:

the same thing happened to me!

I was doing stand-up while was practicing law at the Dept. of Justice Canada. Apparently people at work told HR and then Ottawa determined it was a conflict of interest. They made me choose between no longer using “a certain type of material,” specifically, “for example, sexual abuse of children, abortion, violence against women and war crimes,” or my job.

I’m still doing stand-up. Here’s the story:


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