DailyDirt: Eating Better Ain't Easy

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Dieting myths are everywhere. Fads tell us to avoid too much protein or to avoid carbs and only eat protein. Hopefully, as more science enters this field, we’ll get some definitive solutions on what we’re doing wrong and get beyond the diet fads. Here are just a few interesting links on eating healthier and challenges to doing so.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Eating Better Ain't Easy”

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A Non-amorous Cowherd says:

That study Popsci cited about low fat diet and weight loss? I’m not convinced that it says what Popsci thinks it says.

Popsci says: “The diet did NOT prevent weight gain.”

The study says: “Weight loss was greatest among women in either group who decreased their percentage of energy from fat.”
And also:
“A low-fat eating pattern does not result in weight gain…”

That’s pretty much the exact opposite isn’t it?

And of course there is also the fact that a single study proves jack monkey squat (results must be consistently repeatable), the study relied on self reporting to determine what the participants were eating (protip: people lie), and the participants were restricted to postmenopausal women and therefore might not apply to the general population.

Anon-Y-Mouse (profile) says:

Take a look at what our closest genetic cousins eat.

It isn’t grains. It’s fruits, vegetables, and meat. We are evolved to eat them. Furthermore, our bodies for the most part know how to regulate their intake. For example, our gut stops producing the enzymes needed for breaking down meat and fat when the body has met it’s needs. The same can’t be said for sugars and starches. They get converted to simple sugars and absorbed from the gut irregardless of need.

When you eat is also important. There is an old saying along the lines of: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”. It holds great wisdom. Recently published studies have shown food eaten late in the day are much more likely to be stored as fat than when eaten early in the day. So, skip breakfast at the peril of your waist. After switching to a diet where I eat a 3 to 4 eggs omelet with sausage, bacon, or ham for breakfast, a half pound of beef for lunch, and salads and veggies for dinner, I’ve lost 25lbs. Yes, I am active throughout the day so I need the calories. My total daily calorie intake hasn’t changed much, if anything it may be a bit higher. I just now eat most of them at breakfast and lunch rather than at dinner. If you are wondering about my cholesterol levels because of all those eggs and meat. They have also dropped, and are now well below normal rather than just on the low side of normal.

If you’re still having trouble loosing weight, get a gut bacteria transplant from somebody who is skinny and healthy. 😉

Friend citizen, are you not happy? It is treason to not be happy. – The Computer

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