Colbert On NSA Surveillance: Expect The Most Transparent Bulls**t Legally Allowed

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As a bunch of folks have been sending in, on Thursday evening Stephen Colbert took on the NSA surveillance program in a clip that was filmed before all those additional details came out about the program. Still, it’s worth watching:

He starts out amusingly:

Now, it’s no secret I’m in favor of government surveillance. It’s certainly no secret from the government.

Then there’s this:

The President has heard your calls for more oversight. In fact, he’s heard all your calls…

And then, of course, he discussed the fact that President Obama has confessed Congressional liar James Clapper setting up the oversight group:

See? Outside experts. Independent groups… which will be chosen by independent outside Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The guy who lied to Congress 5 months ago about these programs, but assured us he gave “the least untruthful” answer he could. And I am confident that the group’s report will include the most transparent bullshit legally allowed.

Nicely done. And yet more evidence of how mainstream this controversy is becoming.

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Comments on “Colbert On NSA Surveillance: Expect The Most Transparent Bulls**t Legally Allowed”

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out_of_the_blue says:

Well, laugh while you can.

Here’s some fun:

So which internet firm is pure evil in Dave Eggers? new book The Circle?

And NSA is SO affected by the revelations that they delayed (by a few months, supposedly) this new $60M research lab:

Anonymous Coward says:

I guess pretty much everybody on this planet knows that Clapper, is a alleged felonious liar. It’s really not helping this administrations credibility.

Not that Clapper is the only issue damaging this administration’s credibility, but having an alleged felon as a member of the staff sure doesn’t help matters.

PopeRatzo (profile) says:

The challenge for a generation

This Surveillance state is not going to end when the presidency of Barack Obama ends. It’s going to be a long battle.

I’ve got a book called “Subversives” that came out not long ago, about how Ronald Reagan and the FBI collaborated to suppress dissent, not just from liberals, but from conservatives too, using dirty tricks and lawbreaking. It’s a chilling reminder that this fight doesn’t end. And only part of the solution is political.

But the window to stop ubiquitous surveillance is closing fast. People should expect this to get uglier, because the petulant political and corporate elite who want this stuff believe they are above the law and beyond the reach of the people. We have to prove them wrong.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Because the republicans have cried wolf so many times now over bullshit. Even if they tried, which they are not doing (they love spying) no one would listen.

Impeach him for Benghazi non scandal
Impeach him for IRS non scandal
Impeach him for Birth certificate non scandal
Impeach him for Obama care non scandal
Impeach him for ……..bla bla………

Any leverage the republicans had, they have completely lost.
But they love the spying program anyway. They won’t impeach Obama over this. Their donors want this issue swept under the rug.

Jasmine Charter (user link) says:

What an idiot...

“Impeach him for Benghazi non scandal”

No scandal? I’m sure you would say the same if it were your dad or brother who died there. There are still many unanswered questions – such as EXACTLY who gave the order for the military to STAND DOWN – and were they authorized to do so? Remember… the military was literally IN THE HELICOPTER READY TO GO… when they go the order to stand down.

If you have no brain whatsoever and are a mindless sheople who blindly swallows the kool-aid the media spoon feeds you.

Besides… who called for an impeachment? No one I remember. There’s no evidence the President did anything wrong yet.

“Impeach him for IRS non scandal”

It’s obvious you are both ignornant and have never been audited by the IRS. I have been audited and I consider the IRS the largest, most well funded terrorist organization in the world. They literally made my life a living hell for 10 years because of something MY WIFE did.

And if anyone in the government ORDERED the IRS to go after people – then they should be arrested as terrorists – including the President.

I don’t remember anyone calling for impeachment – unless there’s a smoking gun showing the President ordered a government agency to go after political advesaries, in which case he should not only be impeached by thrown into Guantanamo Bay. Inflicting the IRS on ANYONE should be a life sentence.

“Impeach him for Birth certificate non scandal”

Agreed. Total red-herring which Obama allowed to happen by not producing a birth certificate earlier to quash the controversy earlier. It’s all theater… bait the opposition, then produce the document – seemingly out of nowhere – to make them look like fools. It was a well played ploy.

“Impeach him for Obama care non scandal”

Not sure what you are talking about. There really is no “scandal” around Obama care and certainly no one that I have heard has suggested it’s an impeachable offensive, so this is just some delusion of yours I take it.

Yes… ObamaCare sucks. I pay about 40% more for my policy now and my mom actually got DROPPED from her policy a few months ago with all of 15 days notice and the insurance company specifically said it was because of the “Health Affordability….” act.

Anyone who thinks it’s a good think is a clueless sheople who hasn’t read the bill, doesn’t understand how healthcare works and just wants something for nothing.

“Impeach him for ……..bla bla………”

I certainly don’t agree with the political theater the Republicans are doing, but I certainly understand their anger and frustration.

Those of us who actually pay attention to politics know that this is the most corrupt administration since Nixon and may be even more so.

The ONLY reason it’s a non-issue because the media is in the administration’s back pocket for whatever reason. None of them run with stories that paint them poorly – unless it’s SO blatant that they have to.

Who broke the story about the NSA? A US newspaper? Nope. Snowden didn’t trust the US Newspapers… and for good reason.

I know this won’t convince you sheople’s… your just too fat and happy watching your reality tv and nodding in mind-nubmed stupor, but I didn’t expect to. Sheoples are as sheoples do.

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