DailyDirt: Better Burgers?

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Grilling up some hamburgers for the summer is a very common event, but some folks have problems with eating beef (or any meat). And some people are turned off by the possibility of eating horse meat in their burgers (though horse meat is consumed regularly in some places). Here are just a few stories on how we might improve burgers or avoid cows in the process.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Better Burgers?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I heard the lab grown burger was fluffy like a sponge, and had food coloring added to make it look ‘normal’.

What strikes me as ironic, is the makes of the synthetic burger said their doing it to “prevent inhuman animal conditions”, yet they need unborn cow fetuses to extract the stem cells from.

Personally, I think it’s all about the money, and less to do with feeding starving people or helping animals.

Anonymous Coward says:


The high-protein/high-fiber fungus food is a long ways ahead in the laboratory “meat” game.

Some friends and I did a beer-fueled side-by-side taste test a few years ago, and a Quorn “Chik’n” nugget was pretty much indistinguishable from the equivalent frozen “Chicken” nugget, and notably better than the most similar soy product.

(And the Quorn “Grounds” are nostalgically similar to the tubs of frozen cooked lean ground beef of my childhood. But I didn’t like the frozen meals I tried.)

Does the meat-ness of the lab-grown stuff matter that much to people? Or is grown-in-a-giant-vat all pretty much the same? I bet for some people, “beef” is acceptable, even in a vat, but “mycoprotein” is not.

Rekrul says:

Burger alternatives

My friend eats turkey burgers and claims you can’t tell the difference between them and regular hamburgers. He gave me one once without telling me it was a turkey burger. I noticed right away that it didn’t taste right (for a hamburger). I’m not opposed to healthier alternatives. I eat turkey bacon, which tastes similar, although not exactly like real bacon, and turkey sausages, which taste quite a bit like pork sausages to me. I’m sure they add artificial flavoring to them to make them taste more like the real thing. However, with the turkey burgers, it’s just ground turkey and it tastes nothing like a real burger.

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