DailyDirt: Listening To The Sounds of Silence (And Other Noises)

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Temporary hearing loss is not an uncommon experience after going to a loud music concert. It can almost be funny when you’re talking too loud because you can’t hear yourself, and thankfully, the ringing in your ears after a loud show usually goes away. People sometimes take their ability to hear for granted, but it’s an important sense, and here are just a few interesting links on listening that you might want to check out before you need a hearing aid.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Listening To The Sounds of Silence (And Other Noises)”

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Guardian says:

bad knowledge

A) come live here at 7am the Quaker oats factory over 2000 feet away has a press go off for 1.5 hrs that’s so loud i can put in ear plugs that dampen 25 db and it wont work
try the opposite having noise constantly and you will find you become a retard for lack a sleep and it will kill you
B) im just gonna move cause you need a bit of quiet

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: bad knowledge

You do know that you can soundproof your ears right?

And if you do it right you can even sleep with them, is cheaper than soundproofing the house, plus it can go with you anywhere, no more noise problems ever.

Here is an idea.

Get this design and mold some silicon gel in that form, cover it with some textile and some foam and you are gold.

You wouldn’t hear a bomb go off.

Foam year plugs need to be inserted deep into the ear canal, that is why manufacturers tell you to insert and hold your finger for 20 seconds until it expands inside, else they don’t work so great, I know I use them everyday and it hurts my right ear, silicon ones are great they dampen a lot of the noise, but only if they go around the whole ear, but to be comfortable for sleeping you need it to kind of be the size of your face so it feels like a pillow

Ear defenders (ear mufflers but with sound properties) are constructed using normal building noise reduction materials(foam mostly), any tech for sound proof can be made into an ear muffler the secret is to have it go around your whole head so it is comfortable.

You could experiment with the designs, I mostly use one that is inside a Jayne’s hat, I can’t hear a thing, but you can go for a Master Chief helmet.

Aside from that there are sound proof curtains and walls, the walls are placed directly in the path of the sound and the curtains which are basically 2″ cloth, foam, composites helps attenuate harsh sounds.

Don’t be a retard anymore, soundproof your ears today.

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