Would President Obama Answer A Question About The DMCA During His Google Hangout?

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If you haven’t seen the news yet, President Obama is going to do a Google Hangout on Thursday in which he’ll answer some presubmitted questions. The White House and YouTube have set up a ridiculously clumsy submission system, allowing people to submit questions by text or by video and then anyone can vote on them, though browsing the questions or even linking to any particular question appears to take a Herculean effort. That said, a few people have asked some questions about copyright (you can do a search on the submission page). One interesting one, comes from Public Knowledge, in which they directly ask him about fixing the problems with anti-circumvention rules in the DMCA, such as those we’ve been talking about concerning phone unlocking. That link above should allow you to vote for the question. You can also see the video of the question below. It would be nice to see that question get a lot of votes, and to see if the President would be willing to actually answer the question.

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Comments on “Would President Obama Answer A Question About The DMCA During His Google Hangout?”

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The Original Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Will he understand the question?

I believe that the President is not interested in such things as copyright and the DCMA and therefore has no knowledge of how they work or their implications. I believe that he spends most of his time worrying about how he will be able to shape the economy and American society.

Would he even understand the problem? I think not. If he does tackle the question, his answer will most likely have been given to him by his minions.

Bollocks says:

The people should ask Obanana why he thinks the American people are so stupid as to believe, day in and day out,that what they think actually matters.
The same can be said for the UK as the British public are the second most stupid nation next to the USA.

Europe is getting that way to it is just taking the people there too see what’s happening.

nospacesorspecialcharacters (profile) says:

His answer will be something along the lines of...

Copyright is important… blah, blah… strong economy… something… strive to maintain balance… blah, something… rights.

Has there ever been a point in history where a politician has been challenged on something and they’ve answered something to the effect of:

“Hmm I didn’t know that, that’s awful, you’ve changed my mind about this issue and I’m going to try and fix this problem.”

Nope, I don’t recall either.

Todd (profile) says:

Dislike - voting systems with dislike buttons

It’s interesting seeing the “no” votes on some of these things. I submitted a question about the CFAA, and there are almost as many thumbs down as thumbs up. I suppose there are some self-appointed fans of the DOJ who are policing these questions?

The way this thing is set up, that may be a good strategy. If a question is hit early with negative votes it seems to keep it from being very visible. I suppose that could work in reverse too, so I guess I’ll spend some time hunting down some infant questions I disagree with and trying to kill them (or at least wound them severely).

bshock says:

sure, why not try?

I fully support the idea of asking President Obama constructive questions about the DMCA or about any aspect of overreaching intellectual property that his administration supports.

But I’m not stupid enough to think he’ll give a constructive answer. We need a conversation about this topic, not the standard political non-answer that the president will almost surely give.

Of course, if the president did answer straight about intellectual property matters, it would become clear that he’s on the side of Big Content, rather than on the side of consumers. Vice president Biden is practically a wholly owned Disney subsidiary.

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