DailyDirt: The Tree Of Life

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Biology is a messy science. Nature doesn’t lend itself to nice, orderly categories for people to understand. The tree of life is really tangled, and it’s probably a bad analogy to start with. As we learn more about genetic analysis and find samples of ancient DNA, scientists are starting to reconsider some evolutionary processes. Here are just a few fascinating studies.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: The Tree Of Life”

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Pat says:

A Eukaryote has membrane bound internal structures

Love your site, but some bio stuff is off once in a while(Like the Watson and Crick entry from last year). Eukaryote have internal compartments, like rooms, for specific functions/proteins. Bacteria, by your definition is a eukaryote(which it is not). Recently, bacteria have been found to contain microcompartments (Like eukaryotes except made out of proteins) however, they are not considered eukaryote as they lack lipid membrane bound complex structures. I’m tired so… Science*rainbow*

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