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The topic of death and suicide has been floating around the media lately — from the gun control proposals to try to prevent future school shootings to the prominent suicide of internet activist, Aaron Swartz. So to fight some of these negative thoughts, here are just a few articles on happiness.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Happiness Is…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Happiness is simple, you create happiness and only you can find the reasons to be happy, nobody else.

Funny thing though, most people have to endure a life of misery learning the basics of life.

– Shit happens get over it. You can find some reasons for things that happen but if for some reason it is beyond your own means of understanding, let it go, don’t let things that you can’t prevent or understand become the sole reason for living and a measure of happiness, so not having the things you dream of, or not achieving something because of your own shortcomings should not be viewed as some kind of failure.
– You don’t control anyone, they all have their own minds and try to control others and are unhappy when they can’t, so let it go.

Maybe the most important lesson in life comes with old age, it is when most people learn to let go.

As a little curiosity the most high rates of happiness are found among old people.

Ninja (profile) says:

Money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly correlates pretty well.

Lack of money needed for basic survival will prevent one from being happy though. Personal financial woes can really take a toll on an individual mental health.

But in the end happiness is simply enjoying the small things, set achievable goals (along with some few seemingly impossible dreams), enjoy those close to you etc.

It all depends on you.

Gene Cavanaugh (profile) says:

Money can't buy happiness, but it correlates pretty well

No, the article says people who EARN more money are happier, and happier people EARN more money.
I know a lot of people who INHERITED, and generally I perceive them as being less happy than the norm.
Personally, I have nearly always been a pretty happy person, and I made more money than all the rest of my family combined. I didn’t find it necessary for happiness, though, and I wanted my kids off to a good start, so I gave it to them, in one form or another.
I no longer have much money, but I am the happiest and healthiest (for my age) person I know.

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