DailyDirt: Arithmetic Is The Third R?

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International math tests seem to consistently show that Americans don’t have competitive math skills. We can argue that these tests don’t measure real-life capabilities, but it might also be nice to see math test scores rise someday. Given the growth of online educational tools, the accessibility of good (and effective) math lessons will hopefully help to improve everyone’s math talents. Here are just a few interesting links on the topic of math.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Arithmetic Is The Third R?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I think the biggest problem with math today or physics is that they are divorced from real world problems, math was invented to describe the world around us but that is not what is taught in school.

Math teachers should start teaching math by offering a real world problem that can be solved using that math, that is what drives interest in my opinion, the problems should also be about current tendencies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Americans are not knows for their smarts, as shown by the total lack of understanding of even something as simple as the difference between infinity and ‘very large’.

Simply Americans do not display a reasonable level of technical or educational knowledge either in testing or in real life.

Self denial, that’s an entirely different issue though. (but it’s the test that is wrong).. we are really smart ‘honest’ !!!!!

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