Fiction By Timothy Geigner, Now Available At The Techdirt Insider Shop

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As some of you may know, in addition to posts and comments for Techdirt, Tim Geigner aka Dark Helmet also writes novels. Today we’re happy to announce that all three of his “conspiracy fiction” titles are now available as PDF ebooks in the Techdirt Insider Shop. These new editions feature brand new cover art and are all available on a pay-what-you-want basis, so head on over and download these three novels today:

Digilife »
David Barker is a child psychologist. A United States defense software contractor commissions him to help with one of their programs, the first true digital consciousness. The program has taken hostages in the company’s underground lab and the company sends David into the lab with a handpicked team of specialists: a mathematician, a computer engineer, a cultural anthropologist, and representatives from the military. Their task is to regain control over this new being and convince her to let her hostages go. But from the moment they set foot in the underground lab, David realizes that the company’s claims of control over this digital being have been flights of fancy and their mission to reason with the first digital consciousness becomes a struggle to survive.

Echelon »
Payton “Doc” Connor is an investigator at the Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, a real-life private agency that investigates the paranormal. He has a reputation for dissecting reports the agency receives and proving them to be hoaxes. Shortly before the agency sends him on a routine investigation to New Mexico, the Agency assigns him as mentor to a new investigator, Chanel Falasco. During the trip to the desert, they are contacted by a contemporary “Deep Throat”, who confesses his part in a national conspiracy that includes Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and a cult born of Nazis that escaped the Nuremburg Trials with the help of wealthy industrialists. The confessor wants to use them and CUFOS to expose the group he works for before their ultimate goals are realized through an illegal surveillance network referred to only as Echelon.

Midwasteland »
It is the near future in a post-apocalyptic Chicago and Anton Donovan is an anomaly. That is, though he appears to be human in every respect, he is actually a mutated version of a human. There are several differences between anomalies and humans, but the most compelling of these is the anomaly’s ability to manipulate radiation that has been left behind by a long ago waged nuclear war. The humans fear this power and they have instituted a testing process to find and euthanize anomaly children in their cities. The result of this is that anomalies only live in freedom outside of human civilization. Because of a series of personal tragedies suffered at the hands of one of these anomaly enclaves, Anton joins the human military. They think that he is going to help them hunt down his own kind, but instead he is going to use his unique situation to push both sides towards a peace, even as both humans and enclaves alike prepare to wage a worldwide war.

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Comments on “Fiction By Timothy Geigner, Now Available At The Techdirt Insider Shop”

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Dreddsnik says:

Re: Series

I find it sort of refreshing to see an author not limiting his writing to one single long drawn out series. The ‘series’ thing always appeared to me to be more publisher decision than an author decision, a leftover from the ‘Dead-Tree’ era. ( books too big, takes up too much shelf space, not to mention the publishing houses mistaken thought that the public doesn’t have the attention span for long books ). Instead of a series, now an author has the freedom to make a book as long as they damn well please, so they can just make the book longer. Just my opinion.

Leigh Beadon (profile) says:


Interesting — I use calibre for all my laptop ebook reading but I never tried out its conversion tools, assuming (apparently falsely) that they would be minimal. I will give that a shot!

For future ebook projects I am working on moving everything over to Scrivener which is a fantastic writing suite that also has really robust multi-format export tools

Just John (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: ePub?


I actually just tried doing a conversion of Mike’s book “Approaching Infinity” to epub and Tim’s book “Digilife” into mobi, and what I see is the following:

Mike’s book had a few conversion issues. I notice that letters dropped off of a few of the words, and since, unless you change how it converts, it uses the first page as the book cover by converting it to an image file, it caused the book title to display oddly.

Tim’s book I found almost no issues aside from one.

Both books will also convert the page numbers listed in the PDFs to numbers in the book in their relative position.
Since the page numbers display at the bottom of the page, this means you will see it in the middle of paragraphs or the end of words.

An example is in Tim’s Digilife, if you go from page 2 to 3, you should get:
?Hey!? she shouted.
?Oh come on. I just turned it on so it?ll be ready.?

Instead what you see is:
?Hey!? she shouted.
?Oh come on. I just turned it on so it?ll be ready.?

Another example is:
Should see:
?I?m not sure.? He felt lightheaded, unable to think clearly, though that was probably just the heat. He looked in every direction. There was very little else out here. If anyone needed an aggressive advertising technique, it would be this place.

What you actually see:
?I?m not sure.? He felt lightheaded, unable to think clearly, though that was probably just the heat. He looked in every direction. There was very little else out here. If anyone needed an aggressive advertising 3
technique, it would be this place.

Keep in mind, this was converted without modifying any of the standard settings, so it was formatted by the default. You can have the page numbers removed (Or better, if you can recreate the original PDF without page numbers, it will not matter), but you will probably need to review how to do text replacement and some other advanced techniques to create the exact look and feel of the end book you want.

Capitalist Lion Tamer (profile) says:

Congratulations, Original Tim.

One day I hope to write a book as well. I’m not sure what the subject will be. They say “write what you know,” and as far as I can tell, there’s not a very large market for books dealing with music that ranges from “noisy” to “noisier” featuring so-called music criticism filled with personal anecdotes, one-man in-jokes and hideously malformed metaphors.

One thing is for sure, though. The book I write will feature pages that can be turned and will have enough pages that it can be used to prop up children bored to death by the lack of narrative cohesiveness and jaded past the point of being easily shocked by the f-word being used like a comma. Or the letter “e.”

But. When that day comes, I’ll put that book into the TD shoppe and sit back and watch the zeroes add up, basting (?) in the reflected glory of the authors beside me on the virtual bookshelf. (After reconsidering the context and consulting the OED, it appears the correct word is “baking.”)

Just John (profile) says:


Just remember when you try, you have the easy to use, convert as Calibre dictates, or you can get into the custom setting to help alter look and feel. It has some pretty advanced features, but you may need to play with it to find an optimal setting. I use it primarily to take the different formats and convert to mobi for kindle reading, since mobi allows you to alter font, while PDF does not on kindle (Or am I thinking .doc?).

Of course, if you have not yet published, it won’t matter since it seems you have an authoring tool to export to proper format, but I was mentioning this mostly for already published, non DRM books.

As for AC’s comment, Calibre is not actually that bulky, and has been able to read pretty much any format I have thrown at it as of now. If you are trying with DRM though, that is a different issue. It is also free for us freetards out there.

Killer_Tofu (profile) says:

Midwasteland Support

Awhile back, Tim sent me a copy of Midwasteland and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Soon as school ends here I will be buying a copy of the other two books (or just all three) to show some support. For anyone interested, I would definitely suggest buying Midwasteland. It is well written and a great story that keeps one intrigued. By the time I was 2/3 through I really didn’t want to put it down to break.

I look forward to reading the other works of Mr. Geigner.

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