DailyDirt: Doing Math In Your Head

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Math might not be the easiest subject for some students, but there might be different ways of teaching it that could make it more tolerable for kids. The more we learn about how our brains process math problems, the better we can teach ourselves how to tackle math education. There’s a lot of concern over how Americans can compete in a global economy if our kids don’t have some pretty basic math skills. Maybe some of these findings will help students pick up some much needed math skills.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Doing Math In Your Head”

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Wally (profile) says:

“Learning how to use an abacus could actually be useful. Japanese students have demonstrated that using a mental image of an abacus (no actual abacus needed) can help them perform some incredibly fast mental calculations.”

The abacus can help you do calculus and also help with converting different basseses of numbers to the standard Base 10 that we use.

Learning math is extremely important for most professions and to get through college quicker as some places use your SAT Scores to determine which gen-ed classes you need to take.

Anonymous Coward says:

Mental math

I had a middle school teacher who started every class with 4 or 5 ‘mental math’ problems. We were not allowed to touch pencil and paper or a calculator. We had to do basic math in our heads and then write down the answers. I got very good at doing math this way and think this would be a good teaching method for students today.

KeillRandor (profile) says:

learning basic maths...

To learn basic maths – the first step must, of course, be:

1) Learn how to count.

How many people or resources do you currently think are teaching people and children to count incorrectly/inconsistently?

For (an easy/quick) example: check a number wall chart somewhere and see if it counts from 1 to 10/100 or 0 to 9/99.

If its the former, then it’s doing it WRONG – our numerical symbolic system functions as base-10:

20, etc..

We don’t count from 1 to 10 – (we start with nothing/0).

Anyone who is taught or thinks in such a manner is already starting off on the wrong foot… Basic addition and subtraction becomes fairly easy once the numerical system is understood, with multiplication and division becoming easier with that foundation.

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