DailyDirt: Detecting Signs Of Life

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Looking for extraterrestrial life has been a largely fruitless task for many decades. There have been a few times when people thought they might have found evidence of life that wasn’t from Earth, but upon further analysis, those discoveries weren’t so clear cut. Still, the search for ETs is on-going, and here are just a few links on some ways to find alien friends.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Detecting Signs Of Life”

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Trish says:


Since life exists on Earth, and the universe contains 100s of billions of galaxies each holding 100s of billions of stars, and the universe is nearly 14 billion years old, it’s highly unlikely that life doesn’t exist or hasn’t existed elsewhere. As it’s impossible, as far as our understanding of physics, to travel faster than light, we’ll probably never meet them; but these efforts to try and find it are totally worth it, if only to dispel the notion that people are the only greatest thing since the big bang. Maybe that would encourage humans in the future to work together to accomplish great things instead of perpetuating the greed and counter-productive indiviualism that is the basis of our society.

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