China Increases The Fines For Copyright Infringement

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For years, we’ve discussed how the US has put all sorts of pressure on China to boost its intellectual property enforcement regime — and each time we warn that this is going to backfire in a big, bad way. To “appease” the US, China keeps ratcheting up its enforcement… but seems to have a habit of doing so in ways that hurt foreign companies. And, even though China declared its supposed copyright crackdown a “success,” under increasing pressure to change its IP laws, China has announced plans to double the “fines” for infringement up to 1 million yuan (~$158,000). That seems perfectly in line with the ridiculous statutory rates currently found in the US, but seems even more out of place in China where the average citizen makes a lot less than the average American. Not that there’s likely to be much of an effort to use such a law, but laws like these don’t get people to respect copyright more. They do the opposite. When the penalties are so out of proportion to the action, no one takes the law seriously.

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Comments on “China Increases The Fines For Copyright Infringement”

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Just John (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Sadly, that is not the Chinese way.
If you have money, you don’t have problems. It is those without money who has problems.
If you have enough money, you can even kill someone and get away with it. Let me know if you want me to point you to those very stories.

This will not do anything anyways. China is implementing it for show, or to convict those who produce things they do not like when they can attribute it to “copyright”. The government isn’t stupid enough to do that, given that there is alot of money floating in to China based on shanzhai goods.

G Thompson (profile) says:

So China will now impose fines of 1million yuan on all foreign companies who infringe their copyright?? And remember under Chinese law company executives are fully responsible (no glass ceiling) so there will be a lot of company execs fined per incident and instance.


See this is why China is an economic powerhouse, they know where to get the money! 😉

Loki says:

Mostly I look at the ridiculous fines as largely irrelevant.

Given the fact that they:
Commit extortion in all but name (mass lawsuits with no real evidence in most cases, followed by “settlement letters” to people who almost certainly don’t have financial means to fight such lawsuits).

Commit bribery in all but name (hell, there are few, if any ways Chris Dodd could have openly made the fact more clear without actually using the word bribe).

Commit perjury (they have signed legally binding documents to that effect every time they send bogus DCMA takedowns that anyone with a minimal education can see are fraudulant).

Commit “theft” (hell, despite their extreme desire to rewrite history, Holly itself was created to circumvent IP law – in that case patents instead of copyright).

If these industries cannot abide by the rules we, as a society, deem inappropriate (hell if they can’t even be bothered to abide by the rules they, themselves, wish to declare inappropriate), why the hell should we, as a society, give a damn about their “rules”?

anon says:

Ive been in China severals time and stayed there for more than 5-6 months there each time.
In China, they don’t give a fuck about the foreign copyrights. They know they made a LOT of money with that. The chinese autorities will never give such a fine. They are crazy, but not they still more intelligent than in the US for that.

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