DailyDirt: School's Out For Summer…

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The last days of school are coming up in the US (if they’re not here already), and kids all over are getting ready for “no more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks.” Summer school, summer camp or a few weeks of mental atrophy are ahead, so here are just a few links on the subject of not having school all year long.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: School's Out For Summer…”

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silverscarcat says:

I don’t recall having any problems in school, and we had 3 months of vacation every year.

Granted, I used every study hall that I could and got extra help when I needed it in school, but generally that was near the end of the year, when I was tired, stressed out and needing to get away from school that I had the most problems.

I just never applied myself too much, which is why I never got on the honor role.

TimK (profile) says:

All other flaws and arguments aside…

How the hell are we going to pay for it????

Schools don’t have enough money now, teachers are always fighting for more money, programs are always getting cut…

“Hey everybody, guess what? We need to raise your property taxes 25% to pay for more schooling. Oh, and good news for those of you with kids in private school….not only do you get to pay 25% more in property tax, you also get to pay 25% more in tuition! But its good for the kids.”

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