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No one likes feeling drowsy when they want to be awake and alert. For centuries, folks have been self-medicating by drinking various beverages with caffeine (and Coca-cola originally had a more potent drug in it). We’ve come a long way from just boiling tea leaves in water, and here are just a few more ways caffeine is spreading into our lives.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Caffeine In Everything”

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Austin (profile) says:

Re: 6 cups a day? Coffee lovers less likely to die, study finds

This is incorrect. Until we develop the ability to transfer the human mind into a machine exoskeleton, 100% of ALL humans will die. Nothing can lessen these odds. Sorry.

Now, if you mean that coffee can be good for your health in moderation, yes, this is correct. In fact, contrary to popular belief, ALL STIMULANTS are good in moderation. However, the problem is that the human body (and mostly brain) adapt to stimulants much, much faster than other kinds of drugs. This means that a simple steady supply of caffeine will have steadily lessening effects over time until your body eventually adapts to it completely, followed by a slow/sluggish/depressed feeling if you ever stop it.

The solution here is the same as everything else you can ingest: MODERATION. For stimulants specifically, this means NOT drinking coffee on ANY regular schedule. Instead, drink just one cup only when you need it, and limit yourself to a maximum amount per day. Personally, this is 4 cups for me. Alternate the coffee with coke or even tea as needed. Strange as it sounds, the key here is to keep your own body off balance so that it can never adapt to a specific kind of caffeine (yes, it’s all the same molecule, but it is usually bonded to other molecules within the specific drink.)

I consume just over 1000mg a day of caffeine between all my various sources and I am 26 and in excellent health, sans the 10 pounds on my waist I should probably lose. I have had 2 physicals now and have no heart problems what-so-ever. All that, yet I still get the same boost from coffee that I did when I first started drinking it at age 12. Moderation folks. Works every time.

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